Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Happy New Year!

We haven't done much the last couple of days, but we have done a bit of mountain boarding!

As its New Year's Eve, Millie and I pulled a cracker! It's the first cracker Millie's ever pulled. Needless to say, she loved it! There was a bit of cheating going on though, she seemed to think she had to hold the bit in the middle... Surprisingly, she won, on more than one occasion!

She wore the hats proudly!

Happy New Year to everyone!

Sunday, 28 December 2014

A "cool" mountain boarding dog!

Millie and I went on our walk this morning and we met a man walking a Jack Russell. He saw us and said "no skateboard today then?" He then went on to tell us he'd seen us yesterday and thought a skateboarding dog was really "cool"!

We took the mountain board out the back again this morning. Once again, Millie did really well! I'm so pleased she can finally go on rougher terrain! She was going up the curb, down the curb and through the dips no problem!

Saturday, 27 December 2014

Mountain Boarding!

Today we went out for a bit and tried the mountain board a bit more! We went to an area where there's grass. Unfortunately, Millie couldn't ride the mountain board over the grass because it was too wet and just sunk into the ground. I'm sure she'd be able to if the grass wasn't wet and she did go on it a bit! She did very well! When we were done there, Milllie rode it home again! She absolutely loved it and got lots of people stopping to watch her!

I made a video of her on it!

Millie finished her rawhide bone from Christmas Day, so I gave her one I got for her. When we came back from trying the mountain board, Millie jumped on the sofa. I got a drink and sat down next to her. She didn't look very happy about me sitting there. She quickly got up, jumped up on the other side of me and kicked the cushions about. She was then holding her bone! She'd hidden her bone I between two cushions on the sofa, I didn't know it was there! Why she thinks I want to eat it I don't know!

Friday, 26 December 2014

Boxing Day

Today has also been quite busy! Millie has had lots of fun playing with her new toys! 

Last night, Millie brought her bone up to bed with us. She seemed to think I was going to steal it so hid it under her beanbag (which is on my bed). She then realised she couldn't lay on her beanbag if her bone was under it so laid on the bed without her beanbag!

It's been raining today so we haven't been able to use the mountain board again yet, though hopefully we will be able to somewhen soon. 

Millie's had a lovely Christmas! She's been completely spoiled! She's had so many lovely presents and treats, all of which I think she deserves!

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas Day!

Millie's had a fantastic Christmas! 

Before our walk, I let Millie open one of the presents from me. It was a toy, she loved unwrapping all her presets!

She took it on our walk with her!

She got lots more presents too!

I got a mountain board for Millie so she can skateboard on rougher terrain. We took it out for a go and it was perfect! Despite its weight, Millie had no problem zooming away on it! 

While we were out mountain boarding, Millie saw next doors back gate undone and ran down their garden! Fortunately, after I chased her, she came back!

I also got a friendship collar, so now Millie and I match! Millie looks very smart! 

She enjoyed a Christmas dinner and had fun shredding more wrapping paper! Millie's exhausted and can't wait for tomorrow so she can play with her new things some more!

It's also a special anniversary today, a year ago today Millie learnt to ride her scooter!

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Eve!

Millie's getting ready for Santa Paws! 

Although I caught her just before stealing a sausage roll earlier, I'm sure she's been good enough to deserve a visit tonight! 

This evening she laid down next to me to watch a nice Christmas doggy film. She's going to go to bed soon so she's asleep for Santa Paws!

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Preparing for Christmas!

Millie and I haven't been doing too much as we've all been getting ready for Christmas!

Yesterday we went on a nice long walk. I've also been wrapping up presents, and Millie was very 'helpful' and kept standing on the paper and eating the gift tags! She's been doing the same today!

She's also managed to learn how to cross her paws properly now, it's really sweet! 

I'm sure Millie will have a lovely Christmas, she's got lots of presents which she'll love!

Monday, 15 December 2014

Dog Training Christmas Party!

This evening it was the dog training Christmas party! 

Firstly, we did the fancy dress! Most of the dogs were dressed up and they all looked brilliant! Millie came 2nd in the competition!

We did a little obstacle course which was good fun and Millie did it very well!

We then did the dressing up race. It was our class against the other class. Millie and I were last to go so we were quick and made sure our team won!

We played musical chairs, which we also won! I nearly got sat on by a couple of people whose chairs I stole!

We did the chocolate drop race, just about winning our heat and then winning the final as well! 

By the time we got to musical sits, we thought we should let someone else won so we were out quite near the start!

It was really good fun and everyone enjoys it! The dogs got lots of treats and we got mince pies and cake afterwards too!

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Two Naughty Doggies!

Joe is staying with us so I have been taking both millie and Joe out. The pair of them have been right little monkeys and have either been, sniffing or barking!

Millie's also been really hyper and tried to eat my magazine! She doesn't know what trouble to get up to next!

It's a good job I love them both!

Millie and Joe both got Happy Dog Trick Elf certificates for their Christmas videos, here they are with them! I think it's a lovely picture!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

A Frosty Morning!

It was frosty when we went out this morning, the grass was white and there was ice all over the cars. Millie wasn't too happy as it meant she had to wear her coat! When we got out there, the sun was just coming up. 

We saw Millie's boyfriend, and hid behind a car when two dogs Millie doesn't like walked passed! We carried on and got to the school. Here we saw a little boy, wearing a hat, and his dad. I was so busy making sure Millie didn't jump up at the boy because of his hat, I tripped up the pavement! Fortunately I didn't fall right over but the dad still laughed at me! It's a good job Millie's there to keep me upright, though I think I'll just let her jump up at the boy next time! 

Monday, 8 December 2014

Dog Training

We went dog training this evening, it was really good! 

First we did a bit of agility, Millie went first to show everyone what to do! They were all very impressed! One of the dogs after her got stuck in the tunnel!

Some of the dogs aren't very good at they stays so we practised that for a bit. Its one of the exercises Millie does best so it was no problem for her!

We did send always, though I've lost Millie's mat so we had to use her mark instead! She still did it well, despite the trainer teasing us for having a mouse mat! 

We did some distance control and then walking backwards, both of which Millie did fantastically! We had to do another stay and Millie was a really good girl the whole time!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Millie and Joe's Christmas Videos!

Yesterday I made Joe a video of his Christmas tricks! It's very sweet!

I also did one with Millie! She really enjoyed doing the tricks and I think it's a really nice video!

Saturday, 6 December 2014

A Nice Day with Millie!

Millie and I have had a nice day today! After our wall this morning, we came back and filmed some more Christmas tricks! Millie was really up for it and was weaving in and out of presents, jumping over presents and more! 

As always, she was willing to pose for a photo!

At lunchtime, we went for a walk down the Worth Way, which Millie enjoyed! She hasn't been down there for a while so there were lots of new smells!

When we came back, I put the videos of the tricks together and then I filmed some tricks with Joe! Millie was more than willing to show him how it was done, I think she put him off! He did alright once Millie managed to remember how to 'stay' though!

We went for our evening walk and saw all the Christmas lights that had just been turned on and then went home to watch a Christmas doggy DVD!

Friday, 5 December 2014

Millie in the YKC Magazine!

My article about Millie's world record got published in the YKC magazine! She really is such a clever girl!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Christmas Dog Trick Challenge!

On Sunday we did some filming of Christmas dog tricks. Today I submitted a video of Millie fetching a stocking for the Dog Trick Geeks December Challenge and we passed!

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Monday, 1 December 2014

Dog Training and some Christmas Tricks!

Today Millie and I have been doing some Christmas tricks! It's for a challenge, we will get a certificate afterwards. Today we filmed Millie jumping over tinsel, putting a snowman in a bucket, walking around a snowman and giving me a stocking! We're still trying to think of some more!

This evening we went dog training. Millie was very good. We had to do heelwork weaving through some cones and then Millie had to sit at one end while I walked to the other end and then back to her. We did the mats. I forgot Millie's mat so she went to one of the other dogs' which she did very well considering it wasn't hers! She did a recall with Ruby, A Recalls and out of sight stays all really well! 

She's tired out now and is asleep on the sofa!

Saturday, 29 November 2014

A bit of training!

We haven't posted for a while because we've not been able to do too much! 

We went dog training on Monday which was good. Millie did lol the exercises really well and showed all the other dogs how it's done!

Today we've done some filming for the next Happy Dog Tricks Award. Millie can do all the tricks, it just when someone can film it for us! We've only got one more to go so hopefully that can be sent off soon and we'll get level 3!

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Not done too much!

We haven't done very much today! We did a little bit of training this morning, but nothing other than that! The normal 3 walks, 1 1/2 of them being wet! Millie's been quite happy to have a rest and a good sleep on the sofa!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Dog Training

This evening was dog training again! Millie was very good and did all the exercises really well! I had to leave her sitting, then lying down in a circle of dogs while I walked around the circle. We did an A-Recall where Millie showed everyone how it was done, and she did the same with the stop the dog, and was perfect! All the dogs did the sit stay well, however,mother down stay was another story! I went outside with two other people for the out of sight stays. Within a few seconds, one of the dogs was at the door! This made lots of the other dogs get up (I was watching through the window)! It was bedlam in there and I finally went in and stood inside the door for the rest of the exercise and Millie stayed there the whole time! She was a really good girl! 

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Filming Tricks!

Today Millie and I have done lots of training! This morning I set up a jump and got Millie to fetch her toy over the jump, it's very sweet! I also sent her to her mark over the jump and taught her to go left and right between two marks. 

Later this morning we went outside and did some training on the barrel, skateboard and some other tricks. Millie was good and she got a little audience!

This afternoon, we went to the doctors with the scooter, skateboard and barrel as I didn't get a very good video earlier! Again, Millie was very good and I got a video in the end!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Happy Dog Tricks Level 2

Today we passed Level 2 of the Happy Dog Tricks awards! We passed with Magician level again too! We had to redo the 'go to mat' as I didn't realise Millie had to lay down and 'target chin' so it was easier to see! Millie did both of them again and we passed!

Also, as its rememberance day,

Monday, 10 November 2014

Dog Training!

This evening was our first time back dog training for a few weeks as we couldn't go last week because Millie was scared of the fireworks. 

We didn't do many exercises as there were lots in the class but Millie was good!

She was really happy as she got to see her best friend, Ruby, again who she hasn't seen for ages!

Millie, Ruby, Honey and Rafferty

Millie and Ruby!

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Training and a Sleepy Millie!

Today we did a bit more filming for Level 2 of the HDT awards!

Millie's also had some herbal tablets to calm her down with the fireworks as she's so terrified of them. I think it must be some sort of a sleeping potion as she didn't even lift her head up when we ate dinner! That's unheard of!

Friday, 7 November 2014

Happy Dog Tricks Level 1

Last night we did a video for another trick award! We passed at the highest level! 

Today we've been doing a bit for another trick award too! Millie's learnt to beg leaning against me and how to walk around an object a long way away from me. We're working on some others ant then we'll sent that one off too!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Uber Dude Certificate!

Today our certificate came! It's a lovely certificate to add to Millie's collection! We also got a nice comments sheet with it telling us what was good and what could be worked on!

We'll start filming for the next level soon!

Sunday, 2 November 2014

East Grinstead's Got Talent Finals!

This evening was the finals of the talent show. 

When we got there we were shown where we needed to go and we had a little rehearsal. It went well and we found out we had to perform twice. I decided to add the scooter and taking off my coat the second time and use different music to make it a bit different. 

Millie was fantastic both times! In the interval after the first performance, lots of people in the audience, and other contestants said how amazing she is and that she was there favourite act! 

The second time Millie was also amazing! Unfortunately, we didn't get anywhere. Millie made it clear she wasn't happy about this by barking when the last name of the people in the top 4 were called! 

After the results, lots more people came and said that she should have won and how much they liked her! 

She coped so well with all the people and the new places/smells. She didn't mind at all going backstage and she loved the audience!

Although we didn't get anywhere, it was still a good experience and Millie was brilliant! I couldn't have asked for more from her!

Waiting patiently for the first performance!

Friday, 31 October 2014

Beach, Halloween and another Award!

This morning we went to the beach for the last time this year! Millie really made the most of it and ran for miles! Up and down, chasing pebbles!

She also dressed up for Halloween! We got her a skeleton costume! She looked really sweet and it really suited her! Millie was quite happy to wear it, and liked all the extra attention!

Also, I had an email this afternoon saying that Millie passed the In The Doghouse Uber Dude award! Our certificate is on it's way!
This is the video we submitted

The Beach Again!

Today we went to the beach again. We had a nice walk in the morning and then after breakfast we went to the beach again. Millie had a fantastic run as usual and thoroughly enjoyed it! 

This afternoon we went for a walk along the sea front. Millie tried to steal a sausage roll off a child but fortunately she didn't!

She's tired out now and will be fast asleep on the bed soon!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Fun and Traumas of a Doodle!

It started off well, with a nice walk. At breakfast, she ran off with a paper menu! 

We then went to the beach where Millie ran miles and had a wonderful time!

We came back and after Millie had a little snooze, we went on another walk! It was a nice walk, but half way round, it started raining and we got soaked!

This evening there were fireworks, which Millie is scared of. This was resolved by my cuddling her and putting music on loudly next to her. 

On our walk, Millie was sniffing and all of a sudden she jumped back! This happened twice in two different places. The second time, we had a look to see what it was. Sitting there was a baby hedgehog! Once she'd realised it had spikes, she was quite happy to stand there next to it!

On the way back from our walk, a teasing rabbit ran by! It might as well have been calling Millie to chase it and of course, Millie wanted to oblige! Unfortunately for her, I was on the end I the lead so she couldn't!

We came back and Millie walked right into the seat cushion, knocking it over!

She's now getting over her excitement for one day and ready to start again tomorrow!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Back in Suffolk!

We're back in Suffolk for a short holiday! We arrived yesterday and in the evening we had a nice walk along the sea front. 

This morning we went to the beach for Millie to have a run around. She had a fantastic time chasing pebbles and running up and down!

Even Joe had a little run this morning!

At lunchtime, we had a walk through the nature reserve and around the harbour, which both doggies also really enjoyed!

Sunday, 26 October 2014

A few tricks...

We've done a few tricks today. Not a whole session, just a few here and there. Millie really enjoyed it and we're just thinking of a few things for the talent show final!

I also caught Millie doing this...

Saturday, 25 October 2014

A Trip to the Vets and the Tennis Field!

Today Millie went to the vets'for her annual boosters and check up. She was a very good girl and the vet said she was in perfect condition!

We went to the tennis field this afternoon for Millie to have a run around. She played with her new Kong Safestix toy for the first time and really enjoyed herself!

Running Around

I'm tired out now!

Friday, 24 October 2014

Millie's being cheeky again...

The other day, Millie walked past the washing and pulled a skirt off and carried on walking!

Today she's run off with numerous slippers, pulled three socks off the radiator and run off with them and stolen bread and cheese off a plate that someone was still eating from!

She's been very good and been doing all her tricks fantastically though!

Monday, 20 October 2014

Dog Training

This evening was dog training again! 

We had to weave in and out of cones. Once I'd got Millie's attention she was good but to start with she was concerned she was missing out on treats underneath! We had to do the mats, where again, once I'd got Millie's attention she was good but she made sure there was no food on the floor first! We did some distance control. Millie's fantastic at this now so while everyone else was trying to get their dogs to stand, Millie had done this and was walking backwards and taking a bow! We did recalls two at a time. We were with Charlie. They don't get along too well but both dogs were alright! Of course the stays Millie also did brilliantly with me out of sight! She's really good at that one!

Here she is during the d.c. I came forward to take the photo because she's not a a distance there!

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Drawers, Barrel and Drawing

Yesterday I taught Millie to open a drawer, now we just have to work on closing it!

This morning we got the barrel out for Millie to have a go on it. She hasn't been on it for a while so I thought she might be a bit slower but she wasn't! It was like she was doing the world record again! Really eager and fast!

Also, she had her first drawing lesson! She's far from conquered it, but it's only day 1! 

Here is her first drawing! Millie drew every line that's in the paper!

I'm sure in time she'll be a fantastic artist!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Major Geek Award!

Today we found out that we got the Major Geek award! 

Here's the original video:

And here are the tricks we had to do again!

Monday, 13 October 2014

A Hyper Millie and Dog Training

Millie's been going around looking for trouble! She's run off with just about everything she can and still didn't settle down, only after dog training! I think it's because she had a shorter walk this morning because of the rain. That was her choice though, she didn't want to go any further, I didn't mind!

This evening we went dog training again! Millie was good, though she was a little pickle and decided she was going to pick up all the crumbs before she went to her mat!

Lots of people have been enjoying the Just Millie the Dog video, including the winner of the Crufts HTM this year and Uggie the Oscar winning dogs' trainer! They both liked it! Hopefully it will get some more views and likes so more people will be able to see my clever Millie!

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Just Millie the Dog

Today I filmed and put together a video of all Millie's tricks! Millie was willing as ever to let me film her and it made a lovely video!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

We got through!

Just had a phone call saying we got to the final of the talent show! It's at the beginning of November, in the same place as last time. I'm sure Millie will be fantastic!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Dog Training

Last night we went dog training. It had been raining all day and it is always dark in the car park. I went to the bit where the puddle was narrowest and stepped over it, at the same time, asking Millie to jump over it. Millie had other ideas though, and pulled backwards, dragging me straight into the puddle! Great!
In the classes, Millie was very good, doing a recall with Ruby and Charlie, a good recall with a stop and a good A-recall. She's meant to be setting a good example to all the new, younger dogs!
Her good behaviour made up for pulling me into the puddle, it's a good job I love her! 
I also managed to tread in the same puddle on the way out again, this time without Millie's assistance! She managed to stay completely dry both times! 

Sunday, 5 October 2014

East Grinstead's Got Talent!

Today we had our East Grinstead's Got Talent audition! It was in the theatre and Millie had never been there before (I don't remember the last time I went here either!)

Millie was really good, though I felt she was a bit distracted and could have been better, she was still fantastic! She did all her tricks well, though I forgot some of the tricks! Everyone liked her performance and thought that a dog riding a scooter and skateboard was amazing! 

We will find out on Tuesday whether we got through to the finals or not. It would be fantastic if we did but if not Millie still did excellently and it was a good experience!

She's tired out now!

Also, thank you to Earl, Ethel and their lover at Earls World for our fantastic banner! We love it!

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Training and a Stolen Stollen!

Today Millie and I have done a bit of training. We haven't been able to go outside though as it's been pouring with rain!

Joe was here too earlier and we had to go our for a few minutes and leave them here. Millie, Joe, or both of them managed to find a stollen and ate it all! Cheeky doggies!

Friday, 3 October 2014

Tricks for the next Geek award!

Today we filmed the last two tricks for the Geek award, playing a musical instrument and finding a named item. The video has now been submitted and hopefully it will be ok! Millie certainly did all the tricks well!

She really loves her tambourine, once she starts, she won't stop!

Thursday, 2 October 2014

A Little Update!

Havent posted for a few days so here is a little update!

Millie was a good girl at dog training on Monday and was a lot calmer than she was the week before! She did everything well just she didn't want to wait for the recalls! At least she came to me though which was fine! 

Yesterday, Millie's tambourine came and she picked up how to play jet straight away! It's very sweet and she likes it! 

We haven done much else as there hasn't been time but we are doing another talent show on Sunday so hopefully that will go well!

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Talent Show!

Yesterday we came back up to Suffolk for the holiday Millie won and the next round of the talent show!

This morning we had the rehearsals which went very well. It was decided that Millie would go first so she didn't have to wait around! 

We got there this evening and there were loads of people, we struggled to even get to the stage! Millie was absolutely fantastic, despite all the people there! She did all her tricks amazingly!

Afterwards we went to wait outside out of the noise and heat. Millie had a go on her scooter and skateboard there and everyone was taking videos of her on their phones! Everyone who came out said how good she was!

After a long wait, the results were announced and we came 2nd! Millie was brilliant as ever!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

A little bit of training

Millie and I did a bit of training today in preparation for our talent show on Saturday! 

She was good and did lots of tricks. Skateboarding, jumping, handstands up the wall, the whole lot! I'm sure she'll be brilliant on Saturday, just as she was last Saturday! 

Can't say the same about me though. I still can't decide what music I want playing in the background...

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Paws in the Park

Today was Paws in the Park! We had a good day! We auditioned for 'My Dogs Got Talent', which Millie did very well in and rode both the scooter and the skateboard and did some other tricks too! 

We then did the Heelwork to Music with Richard Curtis, which again, Millie was very good at! She did all the moves easily and wasn't distracted by the other dogs all around her. 

After this we had a walk around the stalls and while we were walking we had a look at the 'My Dogs Got Talent' Finals list and we were in it! We walked around a bit more and then it was time for the finals. All the dogs were very clever and Millie and I were second to go. We started by doing the skateboard and the scooter, which got a huge applause from the audience! We then carried on to do other things such as taking off my coat, all sorts of jumping etc! Once we were done, I couldn't carry the scooter, skateboard and the stick so Millie rode the skateboard out if the ring for me! She was fantastic and loved doing it, the more people watching and applauding her, the more she likes it! The other competitions went and the results were announced. My amazing Millie managed to get 1st place! Everyone said how much we deserved it and how clever she is! We won a 15kg bag of dog food, a dog encyclopaedia, a rosette and a certificate! She was absolutely brilliant!

After this, we entered the 'Best Trick' class in the companion dog show. This is not such a big thing as 'My Dogs Got Talent'. We only had 2 minutes and again, Millie was fantastic and rode the scooter etc. However, 1st place deserved it but the others weren't so good and I think the results were unfair. We got 5th though which was better than nothing! I think sonetimes the judges think that Millie is too good and that she must always win but we hardly ever come 1st in Best Trick because they all seem to think that!

Either way, the 5th was good and the 1st was fantastic! Millie enjoyed herself and is now completely tired out!

Monday, 15 September 2014

Nice Bucket Challenge - Two New Tricks!

Today Millie and I filmed our Nice Bucket Challenge! It could be any trick with a bucket so as Millie can already stand on a bucket, I decided to get her to spin on it! She picked this up quickly! She also learnt to fetch a toy and put it in the bucket! 

This is our challenge:

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Skateboarding and Scootering!

It was a while ago we last took the scooter to the doctors car park, so today we decided we would before it gets too hot! I also have a trolley now so was able to put the scooter and the skateboard in there and take both!

Millie was fantastic and went really fast on both the scooter and skateboard. She even managed to steer the skateboard a bit! As far as she's concerned, the faster the better! She nearly ran me over at one point!

I managed to get a video of each!



Also, we were having bread rolls and one of the bits of dough dropped on the floor! Millie took the opportunity to grab it and is really enjoying playing with it!