Thursday, 12 October 2017

No more jumping for Millie...

We haven’t done too much the last couple of weeks. Been going dog training and Millie’s been helping me at my trick training classes! They’re going well and everyone seems to be enjoying them.

However, on Monday at dog training, we were doing a recalls and Millie wouldn’t lay down. When she finally did she got straight back up again. I thought she was just being difficult, but I left her in sit in the end. Then she didn’t want to get in the car. Again, I thought she was just being awkward. When we got home though, she jumped on the bed and yelped, then I realised she was in pain, not being difficult. I thought she’d probably twisted something. On Tuesday I didn’t do much with her, but she was struggling to get on the bed and sofas, still yelping a few times. She was also struggling to go up the stairs. Yesterday she didn’t seem so bad. I though whatever she’d done was getting better. I took her training and she seemed fine. However, when we were leaving, she struggled to get in the car. Outside she went up the kerb and yelped. I had to lift her on the bed as she couldn’t do it. She was clearly in lots of pain. 

I called the vet first thing this morning and booked her in. The vet examined her and poor Millie really cried. The vet said she has arthritis in both her hips, but the right is particularly bad. She’s on metacam for a week and we have to go back and review next week to decide the best course of action. There are lots of options to help relieve the pain, it’s just finding what works best for her. 

Fortunately, she will be able to live a happy, comfortable life but she’s not allowed to do any jumping or anything else that puts extra pressure on her hips. i.e. no more riding her scooter or hind leg tricks. Her exercise is important but she should do too much of it, so will have to reduce the length of our morning walk as well. 

Poor girl, she’s been so brave. 

As if to try and cheer us up a little, her rosette came when we got back for coming 3rd in the September Obedience Challenge. 

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Another little show

On Sunday Millie and I went to another little fun dog show. We did have a go search and rescue where she got a certificate and some treats. We did Best Trick and came 2nd! Not Millie's fault - The grass was too long to push the skateboard but she was very good! People told us afterwards she should have won but 2nd isn't bad anyway!

She was also a good girl at dog training yesterday, though there were only 3 of us so she had to work hard!

Monday, 18 September 2017

Paws in the Park!

Yesterday we had our annual trip to Paws in the Park in Kent! 

When we got there we headed up to the hall at the top of the show ground to book in to a couple of things. I saw someone from dog training and as I was taking to her, Joe was stealing treats that were for sale! He hasn't quite got the idea of running once he's stolen something so he laid there to eat his prize! 

After Joe had helped himself, we got a coffee and some human treats from the bakery!

I booked into our classes and we had a walk around the show. I entered the obedience with Millie, but she wasn't herself again yesterday and just couldn't focus again. We did one class and then went back into the hall to do the heelwork to music with Richard Curtis. 

She was a bit better here but still not herself. It was still good though. 

I did our other obedience round with her without much success again because she wasn't focussing. We decided to have lunch and watch the duck hearding display, which was excellent. 

After that we went back to the car to get the scooter and skateboard for Best Trick. By the time we got back up to the hall, the class before ours was in the ring. We didn't have long to wait before our turn. 

Millie still wasn't right, being distracted by someone taking a photo of her, but she rode her scooter very well and did a few other things. I know she can do much better but it was good to anyone watching - good enough to come 1st!

I also entered her in the Best Biscuit Catcher, just because she enjoys it! She came 2nd in that too! It was funny that Millie and the winner were both part Lab! 

She was tired on the way home and slept most of the way back. 

Although she wasn't quite with it again, we still had a good and successful day. Smart girl Millie!

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Haywards Heath Dog Show

Yesterday Millie and I went to a fun dog show in Haywards Heath. We entered 'Dog with the Best Trick' and won! Millie stacked her hoops, played the tambourine and a few of her other tricks. The judge was very impressed, and so were the other competitors and everyone else watching!

Fortunately she's back to her old self now after she was a feeling a bit off last week. I haven't done anything with her since Monday and she was ready to perform again!

My clever girl!

Thursday, 7 September 2017

A small blip!

On Sunday we went to Great Baddow obedience show. For some reason Millie wasn't herself and just couldn't focus. This meant all we got was 2nd in the YKC basic class, missing out on a place at Crufts by 1/4 mark!! 

Monday was our first night back dog training after the summer. It was good to be back but unfortunately Millie still wasn't right, so we didn't do too much. 

Fortunately she seems to be herself again now, although I'm still not working her at the moment. 

Yesterday we went for a lovely walk in Ardingly. 

They'd had an antiques fair on there during the day, meaning there was a bit of rubbish laying around. Millie, who was off her lead, of course decided to see what she could find! I saw her with a big green thing and when I went to see what it was, it was a load of wax that some cheese had been wrapped in! I know she likes wax because sometimes she steals it when I cut up BabyBels for her! I got some of it off her, but she ate a bit! Fortunately the green wax reappeared this afternoon, and is now in the bin where it should have been all along!!

Friday, 1 September 2017


Haven't posted much recently again!

I've been doing a bit of training with Millie. We filmed a video for an online obedience challenge which we will get the results for tomorrow, so will hopefully be good! I've also been practising send always, dc and trying to get her to do scent! The others are coming along but scent's taking a bit longer!

We've gone for some nice walks in Lingfield and Ardingly. 

Also, I had an email yesterday saying I passed my CTDI exam, so now I'm a Certified Trick Dog Instructor! Thanks for your help with that Millie!

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Ditton Obedience Show

Millie and I went to another obedience show today - she was a star! 

We did our pre-beginner round, which was really good. We did the pre-beginner stays, in which there was a bit of a disaster with another dog and nearly all the dogs, including Millie broke the down! Fortunately it was done again and moo went clear. 

We did the Beginner stays and the special pre-beginner stays and she was also clear. We did the special pre-beginner round, where she wasn't bad, but we lost points because I dropped the lead! 

Waiting for the beginner round, I got told we had to do a run off for first place for pre-beginner! We had to do the whole round again so I didn't have much hope but Millie only went and won it! We've won out of pre-beginner now!

We then did the Beginner round, which wasn't bad, especially considering it was the 4th of the day! I lost her a bit in the heelwork and she didn't wait in the retrieve, but I was pleased with her. 

Millie with her pre-beginners first prize!

When we got home, our rosette for an online obedience challenge had come too!