Saturday, 21 November 2015

Millie in Jail!

We haven't posted for a while because we've had nothing to post about really!

Although Millie did go to jail the other day...

She was released from jail only to do this yesterday...

She'll have to go back again now!

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Dog Training

We went dog training last night! We had to do the gate exercise which we haven't done in ages but Millie hasn't forgotten! We had to do the mats too. Everyone laughed at Millie for having such a small mark but she did it! We did sit and down stays too and of course Millie was perfect! Good girl Moo!

Monday, 9 November 2015

Scared of the Dark

Poor Millie is scared if the dark. She hates fireworks and yesterday when we were on our walk some went off. She really panicked and I carried her home. This meant that today when it came to going out when it was dark, even though there were no fireworks, Millie was terrified. She kept shaking and panting so I got her home quickly and snuggled her up on a bed upstairs.

We had dog training this evening and I decided to take her to see if it distracted her. It was actually very good for her. It was full up inside the hall so we, and some of the young dogs waited outside. In the dark. However, Millie was distracted by the other dogs so wasn't scared of the dark. There was a young Rottie there which she was scared of, but inside we sat next to him and Millie accepted his presence! We did socialisation with the dogs and Millie happily sniffed nose-to-nose with a lovely Setter. She did all the exercises well and as we went out she willingly socialised with a little terrier. Outside in the car park she sniffed nose-to-nose with a gorgeous but boisterous red Labrador. That was really good!

It worked and took Millie's mind off of being scared of the dark and helped with her socialisation and becoming less scared of other dogs. Well done Millie!

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Rock Star Puppy!!!

Millie decided she wanted to be a rock star!

It's the first time she's held an object like that without me supporting the top, so she did very well!

She's not bad at playing guitar either...

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Dog Training

We went dog training yesterday evening. There aren't many people in our class or the class before so the classes joined. 
We did recalls in pairs to start with. We were with a young Labrador from the class below. Millie was good though and came to me despite him running next to her! 
Then we did the exercise where we through treats and the dogs have to run through the handlers legs. Millie did a faultless demonstration of the exercise!
Then we did a bit of agility. Over a jump and through the tunnel. Again, Millie was the one to demonstrate it. She was so keen and so good and fast! On the way back, she jumped as soon as she came out the tunnel. She made a massive leap, got over the jump and then skidded along the floor! Another person with a young Lab in the class below said "oh great, I've got to follow that!" 
We then did sit and down stays, which Millie was very good at! 
She still wasn't tired when we got home though!