Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Training and Awards!

This morning Millie and I went outside and practised our routine. We did the first bit and then got the barrel and skateboard (the scooter doesn't go on the rough ground) out and did the rest of it. She did nearly the whole routine, and quite well too considering we only just started it! 

Also, Millie got her Intermediate Trick Dog Title today! Well done Moo!

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Prop Making and Training!

Yesterday I made another prop for Millie's new routine - that's nearly all the props done now! Our sword also came so we really got practising!

It's not going badly, but needs a lot more training yet!

It's not all work though, we went for a nice walk in Ardigly in the evening. 

Monday, 24 July 2017

Training for the Routine!

I got creative today - making props for our new routine! Any guesses as to what the theme is?!

Millie doing so well learning it!

Sunday, 23 July 2017

A New Routine!

This morning Millie and I started training for a new performance! It involves a few things Millie hasn't really done before, and stitching the tricks together. Today we started the new bit, which she did well at. Will keep working at it and hopefully before too long we'll have quite a good end product!

Yes, it is a 'golden bone'...

Monday, 17 July 2017

16th July 2017 - Goffs Park Dog Show

We went to a dog show at Goffs Park, but arrived late so only entered one class - Cleverest Dog!

Millie's vet had a stall there and she knows Millie so came over to her and said hello. She was also telling everyone else about her world record!

 My little super dog impressed the judge and everyone else and came 1st again!

She rode her skateboard out the park and lots of people stopped to watch and take photos of her - she's on a roll!

15th July 2017 - Bolnore Dog Show

Millie and I went to a dog show in Bolnore. Millie was a very clever girl and came 1st in Best Trick! She won lots of prizes and everyone was very impressed with her skateboarding!

13th July 2017 - Lost in the Woods!

Someone told me about a nice place to go dog walking, so Millie and I decided to give it a go. It was a beautiful walk and Millie had a good run around. 

The only problem was, on the way back I got completely lost! I thought we had to go one way but that took us nowhere! We ended up going through the woods, and I had to use Google Maps to get us back to the car! The most frustrating part was that when I came back and looked at the photos, I saw exactly where we went wrong! At least I know for next time!

9th July 2017 - RSPCA Fun Dog Show

Millie and I had a good day taking part in the fun dog show at the RSPCA! The judges all recognised her and came to say hello!

We had a successful day, coming 1st in 'My Best Friend', 1st in 'Most Talented Dog' and 4th in Best in Show!

Not only did she manage to win lots of prizes, she also managed to get herself a free ice cream from the ice cream man! I don't know how she does it!

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Our First Obedience Show!

On Saturday, Millie and I went to our first proper Kennel Club obedience show! We entered Introductory and Pre-Beginners. We had a running order for Introductory so we did that first. The exercises were play, heel on lead and recall. She did them all very well, though I felt she could do better! They all said she was good. We then had to do the Pre-Beginner stays. Unfortunately Millie broke the Down stay, probably because it was such a different environment with lots of dogs she doesn't know. I decided to do the round with her after anyway for the experience and she wasn't too bad. We had a bit of a break before the Introductory stays and I walked Millie around for a bit. She did the stays and we went for the presentation. We won Introductory which was excellent, especially for her first show! 

We went dog training early last night, and ended up doing the class before outside as well as our own class. It was good practise and Millie got to be demo dog again!

We also got some cards from our class for our win!

Friday, 9 June 2017

Happy Birthday Millie!

Yesterday was Millie's 8th Birthday! She was spoiled and had a lovely day!

She got 3 new toys, a rawhide bone and a chicken! 

Monday, 5 June 2017

Dog Training

Millie and I have done quite a bit of training the last couple of days. Her newest trick is to get the washing in!

We've also been practising obedience and going over the old favourites too!

On Thursday we went for a nice walk in Ardingly and on Saturday we went to Lingfield. Millie loved both of them and had a great time running and sniffing everything!

This evening we went dog training. Millie's progressing well with her obedience and was very good in the classes tonight. Hopefully we'll have some luck at the obedience shows soon!

Paws in the Park

A few weeks ago, Millie and I went to Paws in the Park. First, we did have a go agility. Millie hasn't done a proper run in ages so she did really well and thoroughly enjoyed it!

After that, I entered her in the obedience competition in the Introductory and Pre-Beginners classes. She was amazing and we ended up coming 1st in Introductory and 2nd in Pre-Beginners!

We also entered the Best Trick and came 1st! Just for fun we did Best Biscuit Catcher - Millie managed to come 2nd in that too!

Tuesday, 21 February 2017


This morning Millie and I got the scooter, skateboard and barrel out and did some tricks! She hasn't done some of this stuff for nearly a year so she did incredibly well!

Sunday, 12 February 2017


Yesterday Millie took part in 'Annie'. She was really good! We had to go to the dress rehearsal on Friday. That was the first time Millie had done it on the stage and although she was in a different place, she was quite happy to leave me to go and perform! Waiting backstage at the dress rehearsal  b We were in a little room at the side of the stage. Here Millie was out the way a bit and was able to have her water and wait between her parts. Yesterday there were two performances, at 2 and 7.  Waiting impatiently in the car when we arrived for the first performance!   Millie was in two scenes, and had to bow at the end of the show. She was perfect in both performances! Waiting backstage during the first show On stage in the first show. This was during the 'Sandy' song, where all the children were singing about her!   On stage to bow   Once the show was over, I could hear people saying how good the dog was and how clever she was to bow! After the first show, I took her home for a walk and some dinner. She had about half an hour rest before we went back again!  In the second show, Millie got a lot more attention while we were waiting for her part. All the children were making a fuss of her and asking if they could give her treats. In the interval even the sound man came and found her to say hello!  They must have been positioned slightly differently on the stage this time, as I got to see Millie in her first scene. She was so good!  Millie's first scene And her second In the interval, I took Millie outside for some fresh air, and a photo! We then had to wait for the bows. When we went on, Millie did a few other little tricks too! Everyone loved it! Millie was fantastic, especially considering it's the first time she's been on stage without me. She really enjoyed herself, but was exhausted when we got home!