Saturday, 29 November 2014

A bit of training!

We haven't posted for a while because we've not been able to do too much! 

We went dog training on Monday which was good. Millie did lol the exercises really well and showed all the other dogs how it's done!

Today we've done some filming for the next Happy Dog Tricks Award. Millie can do all the tricks, it just when someone can film it for us! We've only got one more to go so hopefully that can be sent off soon and we'll get level 3!

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Not done too much!

We haven't done very much today! We did a little bit of training this morning, but nothing other than that! The normal 3 walks, 1 1/2 of them being wet! Millie's been quite happy to have a rest and a good sleep on the sofa!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Dog Training

This evening was dog training again! Millie was very good and did all the exercises really well! I had to leave her sitting, then lying down in a circle of dogs while I walked around the circle. We did an A-Recall where Millie showed everyone how it was done, and she did the same with the stop the dog, and was perfect! All the dogs did the sit stay well, however,mother down stay was another story! I went outside with two other people for the out of sight stays. Within a few seconds, one of the dogs was at the door! This made lots of the other dogs get up (I was watching through the window)! It was bedlam in there and I finally went in and stood inside the door for the rest of the exercise and Millie stayed there the whole time! She was a really good girl! 

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Filming Tricks!

Today Millie and I have done lots of training! This morning I set up a jump and got Millie to fetch her toy over the jump, it's very sweet! I also sent her to her mark over the jump and taught her to go left and right between two marks. 

Later this morning we went outside and did some training on the barrel, skateboard and some other tricks. Millie was good and she got a little audience!

This afternoon, we went to the doctors with the scooter, skateboard and barrel as I didn't get a very good video earlier! Again, Millie was very good and I got a video in the end!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Happy Dog Tricks Level 2

Today we passed Level 2 of the Happy Dog Tricks awards! We passed with Magician level again too! We had to redo the 'go to mat' as I didn't realise Millie had to lay down and 'target chin' so it was easier to see! Millie did both of them again and we passed!

Also, as its rememberance day,

Monday, 10 November 2014

Dog Training!

This evening was our first time back dog training for a few weeks as we couldn't go last week because Millie was scared of the fireworks. 

We didn't do many exercises as there were lots in the class but Millie was good!

She was really happy as she got to see her best friend, Ruby, again who she hasn't seen for ages!

Millie, Ruby, Honey and Rafferty

Millie and Ruby!

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Training and a Sleepy Millie!

Today we did a bit more filming for Level 2 of the HDT awards!

Millie's also had some herbal tablets to calm her down with the fireworks as she's so terrified of them. I think it must be some sort of a sleeping potion as she didn't even lift her head up when we ate dinner! That's unheard of!

Friday, 7 November 2014

Happy Dog Tricks Level 1

Last night we did a video for another trick award! We passed at the highest level! 

Today we've been doing a bit for another trick award too! Millie's learnt to beg leaning against me and how to walk around an object a long way away from me. We're working on some others ant then we'll sent that one off too!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Uber Dude Certificate!

Today our certificate came! It's a lovely certificate to add to Millie's collection! We also got a nice comments sheet with it telling us what was good and what could be worked on!

We'll start filming for the next level soon!

Sunday, 2 November 2014

East Grinstead's Got Talent Finals!

This evening was the finals of the talent show. 

When we got there we were shown where we needed to go and we had a little rehearsal. It went well and we found out we had to perform twice. I decided to add the scooter and taking off my coat the second time and use different music to make it a bit different. 

Millie was fantastic both times! In the interval after the first performance, lots of people in the audience, and other contestants said how amazing she is and that she was there favourite act! 

The second time Millie was also amazing! Unfortunately, we didn't get anywhere. Millie made it clear she wasn't happy about this by barking when the last name of the people in the top 4 were called! 

After the results, lots more people came and said that she should have won and how much they liked her! 

She coped so well with all the people and the new places/smells. She didn't mind at all going backstage and she loved the audience!

Although we didn't get anywhere, it was still a good experience and Millie was brilliant! I couldn't have asked for more from her!

Waiting patiently for the first performance!