Friday, 29 May 2015


Millie and I have been practising some more tricks today! We did the ones she can already do and worked on 'woof' a bit more!

I've also been teaching Millie to walk between my legs, which she's doing much more confidently now!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Millie learnt how to bark on command today! It's another one of those simple tricks that's taken her ages to master but she's got it now!

We've also been working on her walking between my legs. It's not perfect but she's getting there!

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Millie's Lovely Walk!

Millie and I have just come back from a lovely walk!

This afternoon I had my dog training class. When the class was finished, I took a photo of one of the dogs. Lucky, the Border Collie. His owner is one of Millie's best human friends and it was such a lovely photo I printed a copy and walked back to her house with Millie to give it to her. 

She was just taking Lucky out for a walk down the railway line, and said Millie and I could go with her! Millie's much better with Lucky now, so I thought we might as well give it a try. 

It was a really lovely walk. Lucky goes down there every day so was off his lead. I wasn't sure about Millie so I attached Luckys lead to her lead and she was as good as free. She was quite happy to trot along next to me. She was fantastic with Lucky and even when he ran into her she didn't snap!

On the way back, I let Millie off of her lead too. She was still happy to walk along next to me and go ahead with Lucky a bit! At one point they were even sniffing the same patch of grass! 

She did so well, and really enjoyed herself! 

Sunday, 17 May 2015

A Very Successful Weekend!

Millie and I went to Paws in the Park yesterday and today! 

Yesterday first we did 'My Dogs Got Talent'! It went very well and we got out through to the finals! We did the 'Dogstable Course' and the 'Have a Go Agility'. 
In the afternoon we did the 'Best Trick' class in the companion dog show. Millie rode her scooter and skateboard and we managed to come 1st! We went straight from here to the arena where we had to perform in the 'My Dog's Got Talent' final!  Millie was really good, and all the judges loved her! We came 1st in this too! 

We went again today and we didn't enter too much as Millie was still tired from yesterday. We did the Have a Go Heelwork to Music with Richard Curtis Aside from a short detour to play with another dog, Millie was very good! Richard commented on how well she was doing!
Lastly, we entered the 'Best Trick' class again. Millie rode her scooter and we came 1st again! What an amazing girl she is!

Joe also did very well in various classes and came home with 5 rosettes!

Monday, 11 May 2015

A Nice Evening

Millie had a lovely run chasing sticks again this afternoon. 

We went dog training this evening. We did heelwork to start with. She was very good. We then had to practise the stops. I sat Millie down, without thinking, facing a dog that was running around and wasn't part of the class. I called her and she ran straight past me towards the dog! I called 'come' and got no response. I then remembered we were actually practising the emergence stop and this was the perfect time to put it into practise! I shouted 'wait' and nearly fainted when Millie stopped! She stood there for a minute and I called her and she came running back to me! I was so pleased!!

We had to do out of sight stays. Millie was also very good at this, especially since the dog she ran after earlier walked right past her, and there were other dogs running around! 

We had to do an A-recall and then some heelwork off the lead which was fortunately uneventful for Millie, though one of the other dogs did run off into the next field!

To finish Millie had a nice play run off her lead!

Since coming home we've gone in the garden and Millie's posed for some photos! 

We've now gone upstairs and shared a mousse and had lots of nice cuddles!

Sunday, 10 May 2015

The London Pet Show!

Today we went to the London Pet Show for Superdogs Live!

When we got there and had finally managed to get our parking pass, we found our sponsors. They were lovely and gave Millie a beautiful new collar! She proudly wore throughout the show!

We found the room next to the theatre and were told what would happen. After a little walk around, it was time for us to go back so we were ready to perform.

We went back stage and the Noel called us on. Millie did really well, though she was a bit distracted to start with and slipped off the scooter, she didn't let it put her off and she was brilliant! We had to sit next to the judges and we were given some lovely comments. Our scores were 7, 10, 9 and 10! This meant we were one of the highest and got though to the finals!

We got a nice rosette which Millie enjoyed posing with!


Here is our semi-final performance!

We had another walk around and found a nice area outside for Millie to have a little break.

We then had to go for the finals! Millie was brilliant, she was more focused this time and did really well!
This is our performance in the finals!
She was fantastic and we came 2nd overall in the Most Talented Dog category! She really is my little superdog!!



Saturday, 9 May 2015

Spoilt Millie!

Millie's been spoilt today!

She had a sausage for breakfast, and I stuffed her kong with apple and cheese which she really enjoyed! She licked a cake tray and had another sausage for dinner! 
She also licked a spoon of cheese sauce! A bit dropped on the floor and when she put her head down to lick it up, a bit dropped on her head! Fortunately I got it off before it stuck!!

She hasn't done nothing but eat all day though, we've walked about 7 miles and she had a nice run off her lead! She decided to chase some people and had a great time!

She had a cuddle with Anneka too!

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Millie's in a couple more papers!

Millie's got a little article in a couple more papers! She's my celebrity pup!

She also had a Kong arrive that she won a few days ago! Lucky Millie!

Monday, 4 May 2015

Good Girl Millie!

Millie's done lots today! 

We went in the garden and did some agility this morning!

On our walk we saw Lucky, the Collie, and Millie was really good with him again! They're becoming friends! She had a nice run off her lead on the green too!

We went dog training early this evening to go to the field. We went to the field and did the stays, Millie was fantastic, I was out of sight and there were two dogs running off the lead behind her! We gave up abd walked back after that, as it was raining so hard! 

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Millie Adventure!

Millie went on a little adventure today. The fence in Joe's garden is down and it's open through to the garden behind. Millie was outside and decided to explore!

She jumped over the flowerbed and into the other garden. She had a nice run around the garden and then saw that the back door was open! 

Into the house she went, and being Millie, she went straight to the kitchen! She didn't take any notice of me calling her so over the flowerbed and into the garden I went! I finally got her out the house, just to have the man who lives there call her back in o meet his wife! 


Friday, 1 May 2015

Millie's Photoshoot and Two Nice Runs!

Yesterday Millie had some photos taken to go in the newspaper! She went on her scooter, skateboard and barrel. We went out the front, so it was quite hard for her to do it but she was very good! It will be nice to see her little article in the paper!

As a reward for being so good, she got a run on the green yesterday and today!