Tuesday, 9 December 2014

A Frosty Morning!

It was frosty when we went out this morning, the grass was white and there was ice all over the cars. Millie wasn't too happy as it meant she had to wear her coat! When we got out there, the sun was just coming up. 

We saw Millie's boyfriend, and hid behind a car when two dogs Millie doesn't like walked passed! We carried on and got to the school. Here we saw a little boy, wearing a hat, and his dad. I was so busy making sure Millie didn't jump up at the boy because of his hat, I tripped up the pavement! Fortunately I didn't fall right over but the dad still laughed at me! It's a good job Millie's there to keep me upright, though I think I'll just let her jump up at the boy next time! 

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