Tuesday, 28 June 2016

A Fun Evening Dog Training

Millie had a good time dog training last night. We went to the park as the weather was nice. 

When we got there there were a group of people playing rounders. The was clearly a massive distraction as there was shouting, running about and balls!! However, Millie didn't take any notice and did exactly what she was meant to do. 

We did some off lead heelwork and an out of sight stay. 

We didn't fit in that many exercises because some of the dogs fell for the distractions! Millie and I did some tricks while we were waiting though and Millie also posed for some photos for me!

When the class was finished I let Millie off her lead for a play. One of the other dogs, Loci, came up to her and encouraged Millie to chase him! She had a wonderful time playing with him, although they nearly knocked a couple of people over!

Monday, 20 June 2016

Dog Training

We went dog training in the field tonight. 

We had a nice walk down there and Millie enjoyed having a sniff. 

We did heelwork to start with. Moo was perfect despite other dogs running around! 

After that we did the out of sight stays. All the dogs did really well and Millie stayed there the whole time!

Then we practised the 'stop the dog' exercise. Millie dos it well and we also did a few tricks, playing with a stick and a little photo shoot at the same time!

We had a nice walk back too. Millie really enjoyed herself and did what she was meant to do. Good girl!

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Millie's Birthday!

Millie turned 7 today! 

She's enjoyed chicken with Joe

And a jumbone

And had some Birthday cards!

Hopefully she's enjoyed her day. She's got another present and cake to come tomorrow too! Can't believe my little girl is an OAP already!! Fortunately she doesn't act it! 

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Hot Day!

It's been really warm today so Millke had a little treat to help her cool down!

Monday, 6 June 2016

A Lovely Evening with Millie

This evening Millie and I got to Lingfield about an hour early to go for a walk before dog training. 

To start with we went around the housing estate. We then went back in the opposite direction through the churchyard and in a circle back to where we started. We still had time so we went to go through the churchyard again and go the other way back up the road when we met Hal and his owner, who we go dog training with. He said he'd come on a walk with us so we decided to go through the field. I let Millie off her lead and she had a lovely run with Hal. We saw one other dog and when Millie say it she turned around and came back to me! She was such a good girl and had a fantastic time! 

In the classes we first did send aways. Millie was a bit distracted but did do it. Then Barry asked us to demonstrate some tricks. We showed and explained to the rest of the class what to do and then carried on doing them when everyone else came up so they could watch us if they got stuck! There's a young girl with a little dog there and a lady in the competition class told me I should tell her what to do. I left went over to help the girl and Millie stayed sitting perfectly off the lead on her own. And a bonus - the little dog actually managed to do the trick! She did the stays perfectly too!