Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Our First Obedience Show!

On Saturday, Millie and I went to our first proper Kennel Club obedience show! We entered Introductory and Pre-Beginners. We had a running order for Introductory so we did that first. The exercises were play, heel on lead and recall. She did them all very well, though I felt she could do better! They all said she was good. We then had to do the Pre-Beginner stays. Unfortunately Millie broke the Down stay, probably because it was such a different environment with lots of dogs she doesn't know. I decided to do the round with her after anyway for the experience and she wasn't too bad. We had a bit of a break before the Introductory stays and I walked Millie around for a bit. She did the stays and we went for the presentation. We won Introductory which was excellent, especially for her first show! 

We went dog training early last night, and ended up doing the class before outside as well as our own class. It was good practise and Millie got to be demo dog again!

We also got some cards from our class for our win!

Friday, 9 June 2017

Happy Birthday Millie!

Yesterday was Millie's 8th Birthday! She was spoiled and had a lovely day!

She got 3 new toys, a rawhide bone and a chicken! 

Monday, 5 June 2017

Dog Training

Millie and I have done quite a bit of training the last couple of days. Her newest trick is to get the washing in! https://youtu.be/B_2iOCjP15E

We've also been practising obedience and going over the old favourites too! https://youtu.be/8kV43OZxLEQ

On Thursday we went for a nice walk in Ardingly and on Saturday we went to Lingfield. Millie loved both of them and had a great time running and sniffing everything!

This evening we went dog training. Millie's progressing well with her obedience and was very good in the classes tonight. Hopefully we'll have some luck at the obedience shows soon!

Paws in the Park

A few weeks ago, Millie and I went to Paws in the Park. First, we did have a go agility. Millie hasn't done a proper run in ages so she did really well and thoroughly enjoyed it!

After that, I entered her in the obedience competition in the Introductory and Pre-Beginners classes. She was amazing and we ended up coming 1st in Introductory and 2nd in Pre-Beginners!

We also entered the Best Trick and came 1st! Just for fun we did Best Biscuit Catcher - Millie managed to come 2nd in that too!