Saturday, 27 December 2014

Mountain Boarding!

Today we went out for a bit and tried the mountain board a bit more! We went to an area where there's grass. Unfortunately, Millie couldn't ride the mountain board over the grass because it was too wet and just sunk into the ground. I'm sure she'd be able to if the grass wasn't wet and she did go on it a bit! She did very well! When we were done there, Milllie rode it home again! She absolutely loved it and got lots of people stopping to watch her!

I made a video of her on it!

Millie finished her rawhide bone from Christmas Day, so I gave her one I got for her. When we came back from trying the mountain board, Millie jumped on the sofa. I got a drink and sat down next to her. She didn't look very happy about me sitting there. She quickly got up, jumped up on the other side of me and kicked the cushions about. She was then holding her bone! She'd hidden her bone I between two cushions on the sofa, I didn't know it was there! Why she thinks I want to eat it I don't know!

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