Monday, 20 October 2014

Dog Training

This evening was dog training again! 

We had to weave in and out of cones. Once I'd got Millie's attention she was good but to start with she was concerned she was missing out on treats underneath! We had to do the mats, where again, once I'd got Millie's attention she was good but she made sure there was no food on the floor first! We did some distance control. Millie's fantastic at this now so while everyone else was trying to get their dogs to stand, Millie had done this and was walking backwards and taking a bow! We did recalls two at a time. We were with Charlie. They don't get along too well but both dogs were alright! Of course the stays Millie also did brilliantly with me out of sight! She's really good at that one!

Here she is during the d.c. I came forward to take the photo because she's not a a distance there!

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