Monday, 28 March 2016

Millie's Prizes

A few days ago we got out prizes from the latest online pet show we entered!

Here they are!

Monday, 7 March 2016

More Online Show Wins and Dog Training!

Yesterday we found out the results to another online show we entered - Millie did really well!

She came 1st out of 96 in Best Female, 3rd out in Best Headshot and 3rd in Best Dog. The last two classes had well over 100 entries! Joe also got a 10th for Guiltiest Pet!

This evening we went dog training again. The trainer said that to cheer everyone up a bit we'd do some tricks, and Millie was going to demonstrate! We showed the 'spin and twist', 'weave' and 'crawl'. We did the finished trick first and then demonstrated how to teach it. It was good fun and was funny watching everyone else trying it afterwards! One of the people called us up to show them again! After that we did the 'stop the dog' exercise, where Millie showed everyone what to do again. We did sit and down stays which Millie did perfectly and then leaving a treat, which surprisingly she managed to resist!

Even after all that, she still wanted to work more when we got home!