Saturday, 31 May 2014

Barrel Training

Today we did lots of training on the barrel. It took a fer tries to Millie to get used to it again as she hasn't been on it in a while. She got the hang of it though and was going a long way quite fast in the end!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

And Sausage Rolls...

Millie wasn't satisfied with just the jumbones! Yesterday she took a sausage roll off a plate! It was left on the table for a second, but it was a second to long!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Jumbones... Beware of the Labradoodle!

Yesterday we went away and I had packed a bag with things for Millie and myself in it. In the bag was a bag of treats, including some rawhide bones and a jumbone. The bag was buried and had a knot tied in it. I wasn't paying attention to what Millie was doing but I went back into the room and there she was with the jumbone! I then looked closer and saw she was finishing a little rawhide bone and had pulled the jumbone out for afters! She didn't even make a hole in the bag, she undid the knot!

She had a good nights sleep on a full stomach!

So did Joe!

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Millie Strikes Again!

Millie has just stolen 1/3 of a pizza off the table!

What's missing is what she ate!

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Paws in the Park - Day Two

The second day at Paws in the Park! Millie and I did the Fastest Recall where she was very good. We also did Have-A-Go Agility and Search and Rescue again where she did well both times. We did the Heelwork to Music with Richard Curtis again too. Millie was hot and tired again so didn't do too well but she wasn't too bad either, all the dogs were messing around because of the heat! We did a little agility course and Millie got a rosette for completing it. We also entered the Best Trick class in the companion dog show and came 2nd! She did very well but again, it was too hot for her to do everything. She did really well and we have come home with lots of nice prizes!

Waiting for Richard Curtis in the main arena!

Waiting for the results of the Best Trick class!

At home with her rosettes and certificate!

Paws in the Park - Day 1

The first day of the show! We entered Have A Go Agility for Millie to get some more experience and she was really good. We also did Have A Go Search and Rescue. Millie found me in 10 seconds! We also entered My Dogs Got Talent and got through to the final. We had to perform again and we came 3rd out of lots of really good dogs! We got a rosette and certificate and a 4kg bag of dog food! We did heelwork to music with Richard Curtis too. Millie was good but was quite tired so could have been better. She did the harder things better than the easier things!

Paws in the Park - First Evening

It is our first evening at Paws in the Park. Millie did lots of barking to start with but has calmed down and is going to sleep in the tent now!

Friday, 16 May 2014

Rosette and Walk in the Woods!

Today our rosette and certificate came for  getting a Pass in our Dressage Progress Award!

Millie also had a nice walk off her lead through the woods. At one point she ran down a bank and couldn't find her way back up! She reappeared behind us though! Once out of the woods she chased a cat and then also ran around on the green. 

Monday, 12 May 2014

Another Busy Day in the Life of Millie!

Millie had a very busy day today! 

To start with, she did some studying with me. 

We then went on a trip to Hauwarda Heath, where Millie made a new friend (also called Millie!) and they had a little run around off the lead together. She was then happy to stand and pose for a photo with her 'Gwandad' and 'Bwuder Joe'!

Finally, we went dog training. Millie was a very good girl, although when it came to waiting she knew I was going to call her so got up a bit early! Other than that she did everything very well, and even did the stays with a Collie less than a metre away from her!

Progress Award Results

I had an email from the person that assessed our videos. We failed the Heelwork to Music and got a Pass in the Musical Dressage. It could have been better but it was our first attempt and they are not Millie's strong points, she is best at Freestyle. We will do them both again somewhen and see if we can do any better! I will know what we failed on because we get a comments sheet. 
We will still get a rosette and a certificate for passing and I will post a photo when they come!

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Millie, we'll be in trouble again!

This morning I heard a rustling coming from the kitchen where Millie was. I went over just as she walked out with a Crunchy in her mouth! I tried to get it off of her with no luck so in the end I gave up!
Once she'd finished it, she went and licked out a mug that had had jot chocolate in it!
What a little trouble maker!

Millie with the stolen Crunchy!

Friday, 9 May 2014

Millie, you're going to get us in trouble...

This is what I caught Millie doing! 

The picture isn't too clear because it's dark but she had her front paws on the coffee table, her back paws on the sofa and was licking out a bowl that was left on the coffee table!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Doggy Birthday

Today was my Birthday and I got lots of doggy related things! 

A lovely canvas with one of my favourite pictures of Millie

Another Labradoodle T-Shirt

Some more agility jumps/weave poles (in pink!)

And some smaller jump cones that we made into a long jump. We've already tried them!

Millie had a lovely time testing them!
We're all set for some more training now!

Of course, she and Joe also had some Birthday cake and Millie even sang (woofed!) along to 'Happy Birthday!'

Monday, 5 May 2014

"Are you famous?"

We were on out walk when three kids came up to us. A girl said "you were on 'Who Let the Dogs Out?'" This came as quite a shock, considering the programme was on 7 months ago! She then asked if I was Imogen or if my dog was Imogen! This was even more surprising as it seems she's remembered my name for 7 months! They continued to follow us for a bit before the next question came. "Are you famous?" This one really threw me! I told them we were on 'Who Let the Dogs Out?' but nothing else. They decided we must be famous. I suppose they did recognise us! 

At this point, we turned off the main road whereas they carried on. This prevented any more funny questions!

We do have done eventful walks!

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Poorly Millie

Millie hasn't been well since Friday so we haven't done anything. She has been asleep a lot and feeling very sorry for herself! 

She is well on the road to recovery now though and is acting a lot more like herself!

She started by laying in the garden

And then sat at the table with Joe and waited for her dinner!

They got there drinks first though!

There was time to pause for a photo infront of the flowers after dinner! Joe wasn't to happy as the flowers were pink and he kept sitting on Millie's paws! Millie was very good and stayed where she was and I got one in the end!