Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Fun and Traumas of a Doodle!

It started off well, with a nice walk. At breakfast, she ran off with a paper menu! 

We then went to the beach where Millie ran miles and had a wonderful time!

We came back and after Millie had a little snooze, we went on another walk! It was a nice walk, but half way round, it started raining and we got soaked!

This evening there were fireworks, which Millie is scared of. This was resolved by my cuddling her and putting music on loudly next to her. 

On our walk, Millie was sniffing and all of a sudden she jumped back! This happened twice in two different places. The second time, we had a look to see what it was. Sitting there was a baby hedgehog! Once she'd realised it had spikes, she was quite happy to stand there next to it!

On the way back from our walk, a teasing rabbit ran by! It might as well have been calling Millie to chase it and of course, Millie wanted to oblige! Unfortunately for her, I was on the end I the lead so she couldn't!

We came back and Millie walked right into the seat cushion, knocking it over!

She's now getting over her excitement for one day and ready to start again tomorrow!

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