Saturday, 26 September 2015

Talent Show Winner!!!

Today we went to Suffolk for the finals of the talent show! This is the one where we won the heat last month. 

We had a practise this morning, Millie was very good. After a nice walk, she had a rest and was ready to perform tonight. 

She was fantastic! I will upload a video soon. Everyone really liked her and she got lots of applause! All the contestants were called on the stage at the end and we got a medal an certificate!

We then had a wait for the results. The judges were all singing/acting people so I want expecting anything. 2nd place was announced and it wasn't us so I thought that was it. Then people started shouting that they wanted the dog to win! Then it was announced, we came 1st!!

We went on the stage to collect a trophy and a £150 cheque!

Millie's so clever, she beat all those other people and won some lovely prizes! Good girl!

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Paws in the Park!

We went to Paws in the Park today!

First we auditioned for My Dog's Got Talent. Millie did well with all her tricks, including the scooter and skateboard, which got a lot of attention!

We then did the Heelwork to Music with Richard Curtis. I went in the ring with Millie where she was brilliant and wasn't at all put off by the other dogs in the ring.

In the afternoon, I went to look at the board for My Dog's Got Talent and we were only in the reserve spot. I thought I'd practise the scooter and skateboard anyway for the Best Trick. A man came and said how "awesome" Millie was, especially the scooter!

We went in the ring for Best Trick. As we were waiting for the class to start, the lady from My Dog's Got Talent said two people hadn't turned up so there was a space for us! I told her we'd be there as soon as this class had finished! We only had 30 second in the Best Trick, so Millie just rode her scooter and skateboard. A man came to us then and said how brilliant Millie was and that he thought we should come 1st! We actually got 2nd, which wasn't bad!

After that, we went straight to the My Dog's Got Talent ring. We virtually went straight in and did lots of Millie's tricks! We did have a bit of an incident with her jumping over my back, she jumped too wide and crashed straight into me! We both ended up in a heap on the floor!!! We did that one again and she did an extra big jump and was perfect! She was so energetic and focused the whole time. When we came out of the ring, a lady stopped and told us we were her winners! She said she thought we did the most, best tricks! The results were announced and we came 3rd. Again, not bad!

As we came out the ring, we saw the lady who runs Superdogs, who asked us if we wanted to audition again! We were also then stopped by another man who said he and his family thought we should have come 1st!

Even though we didn't come 1st, 2nd and 3rd is still good and Millie was excellent!



Tired on the way home!

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

A Little Update!

On Monday we went dog training for the first time since before the summer. Millie was a very good girl, despite not having gone for a while!

Yesterday she was going hyper with her space lobber toy. All in a second, she'd thrown the toy, jumped onto the coffee table and caught the toy and then she was flying through the sitting room with it to land on the sofa!

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Our Nice Walk!

This afternoon we went for a walk down the railway line with Millie's (now!) friend Lucky!

It was a long walk and Millie really enjoyed all the different things to sniff! She's so good with Lucky now, it doesn't bother her if he barks, or even runs into her!

You'd think after such a long walk she's be tired, but not Millie! Shortly after coming home, I had to stop her from eating a wooden spoon!

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Lots of Training!

Millie and I have done loads of training today!

I started to teach Millie the rebound! This morning she wouldn't even jump on me while I was sitting down. This is what she can do now! Its not finished yet but I'm really pleased with her!

We've also done some more with the Frisbee! She's also doing fantastically with that!

Sunday, 6 September 2015


Today Millie and I had a go at a new sport - frizgility!

The dog gets points for going over the obstacles and for catching the Frisbee. It looked like fun and Millie loves agility and is getting very good with a Frisbee!

I set up the jumps and a tunnel, got the Frisbee and had a go! Millie was fantastic and loved it!

Here's a short video, Millie was quite tired at this point after doing it on and off all day but she's still good!

After that, I set up a big makeshift jump for her, which she flew over!

Thank you to Dachshund Nola and Sugar the Golden Retriever for hosting the Black and White Sunday blog hop!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Some more prizes in the post!

Sorry for lack of posts recently! Been busy and also not been feeling very well!

On Saturday Millie got a prize in the post from another online dog show! She came 10th in Best Trick and 5th in Biggest Achievement!

Well done Millie!