Tuesday, 21 February 2017


This morning Millie and I got the scooter, skateboard and barrel out and did some tricks! She hasn't done some of this stuff for nearly a year so she did incredibly well!

Sunday, 12 February 2017


Yesterday Millie took part in 'Annie'. She was really good! We had to go to the dress rehearsal on Friday. That was the first time Millie had done it on the stage and although she was in a different place, she was quite happy to leave me to go and perform! Waiting backstage at the dress rehearsal  b We were in a little room at the side of the stage. Here Millie was out the way a bit and was able to have her water and wait between her parts. Yesterday there were two performances, at 2 and 7.  Waiting impatiently in the car when we arrived for the first performance!   Millie was in two scenes, and had to bow at the end of the show. She was perfect in both performances! Waiting backstage during the first show On stage in the first show. This was during the 'Sandy' song, where all the children were singing about her!   On stage to bow   Once the show was over, I could hear people saying how good the dog was and how clever she was to bow! After the first show, I took her home for a walk and some dinner. She had about half an hour rest before we went back again!  In the second show, Millie got a lot more attention while we were waiting for her part. All the children were making a fuss of her and asking if they could give her treats. In the interval even the sound man came and found her to say hello!  They must have been positioned slightly differently on the stage this time, as I got to see Millie in her first scene. She was so good!  Millie's first scene And her second In the interval, I took Millie outside for some fresh air, and a photo! We then had to wait for the bows. When we went on, Millie did a few other little tricks too! Everyone loved it! Millie was fantastic, especially considering it's the first time she's been on stage without me. She really enjoyed herself, but was exhausted when we got home!