Monday, 13 October 2014

A Hyper Millie and Dog Training

Millie's been going around looking for trouble! She's run off with just about everything she can and still didn't settle down, only after dog training! I think it's because she had a shorter walk this morning because of the rain. That was her choice though, she didn't want to go any further, I didn't mind!

This evening we went dog training again! Millie was good, though she was a little pickle and decided she was going to pick up all the crumbs before she went to her mat!

Lots of people have been enjoying the Just Millie the Dog video, including the winner of the Crufts HTM this year and Uggie the Oscar winning dogs' trainer! They both liked it! Hopefully it will get some more views and likes so more people will be able to see my clever Millie!

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