Millie's Tricks

Millie is a very clever girl and can do lots of tricks! She can:

  • Walk on her back legs
  • Spin on her back legs
  • Walk with her front paws on my back (with me walking and crawling)
  • Jump through my arms
  • Jump over my leg
  • Jump over my arm
  • Hug my leg
  • Lots of variations on paw work
  • Bow
  • Weave in and out of my arms
  • Weave in and out of my legs
  • Go backwards
  • Jump between my arms over my head
  • Jump between my legs
  • Run through my legs
  • Spin
  • Twist
  • Figure of eight around my legs or a pole
  • Walk round my arm or a pole
  • Dance with her front paws on a pole
  • Stand on a bucket
  • Walk on a barrel
  • Ride a skateboard
  • Ride a scooter
  • Go over the agility contact equipment
  • Through tunnels
  • Go over really high jumps
  • Use agility weaving poles
  • Run backwards through my legs
  • Walk in a circle next to me backwards
  • Hop with her front right leg on my left leg
  • Do a handstand against a wall
  • Walk round a bucket with her front paws on the bucket
  • Put a toy in a bucket
  • Take off my coat
  • Take off my socks
  • Open and close a door
  • High 5
  • Wave
  • Jump over me bending over
  • Put her front paws in a bucket
  • Spin with her front paws in a bucket
  • Put a toy on a chair away from me
And more!!

Here is a video of the majority of Millie's tricks!

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