Monday, 15 December 2014

Dog Training Christmas Party!

This evening it was the dog training Christmas party! 

Firstly, we did the fancy dress! Most of the dogs were dressed up and they all looked brilliant! Millie came 2nd in the competition!

We did a little obstacle course which was good fun and Millie did it very well!

We then did the dressing up race. It was our class against the other class. Millie and I were last to go so we were quick and made sure our team won!

We played musical chairs, which we also won! I nearly got sat on by a couple of people whose chairs I stole!

We did the chocolate drop race, just about winning our heat and then winning the final as well! 

By the time we got to musical sits, we thought we should let someone else won so we were out quite near the start!

It was really good fun and everyone enjoys it! The dogs got lots of treats and we got mince pies and cake afterwards too!

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