Saturday, 27 September 2014

Talent Show!

Yesterday we came back up to Suffolk for the holiday Millie won and the next round of the talent show!

This morning we had the rehearsals which went very well. It was decided that Millie would go first so she didn't have to wait around! 

We got there this evening and there were loads of people, we struggled to even get to the stage! Millie was absolutely fantastic, despite all the people there! She did all her tricks amazingly!

Afterwards we went to wait outside out of the noise and heat. Millie had a go on her scooter and skateboard there and everyone was taking videos of her on their phones! Everyone who came out said how good she was!

After a long wait, the results were announced and we came 2nd! Millie was brilliant as ever!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

A little bit of training

Millie and I did a bit of training today in preparation for our talent show on Saturday! 

She was good and did lots of tricks. Skateboarding, jumping, handstands up the wall, the whole lot! I'm sure she'll be brilliant on Saturday, just as she was last Saturday! 

Can't say the same about me though. I still can't decide what music I want playing in the background...

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Paws in the Park

Today was Paws in the Park! We had a good day! We auditioned for 'My Dogs Got Talent', which Millie did very well in and rode both the scooter and the skateboard and did some other tricks too! 

We then did the Heelwork to Music with Richard Curtis, which again, Millie was very good at! She did all the moves easily and wasn't distracted by the other dogs all around her. 

After this we had a walk around the stalls and while we were walking we had a look at the 'My Dogs Got Talent' Finals list and we were in it! We walked around a bit more and then it was time for the finals. All the dogs were very clever and Millie and I were second to go. We started by doing the skateboard and the scooter, which got a huge applause from the audience! We then carried on to do other things such as taking off my coat, all sorts of jumping etc! Once we were done, I couldn't carry the scooter, skateboard and the stick so Millie rode the skateboard out if the ring for me! She was fantastic and loved doing it, the more people watching and applauding her, the more she likes it! The other competitions went and the results were announced. My amazing Millie managed to get 1st place! Everyone said how much we deserved it and how clever she is! We won a 15kg bag of dog food, a dog encyclopaedia, a rosette and a certificate! She was absolutely brilliant!

After this, we entered the 'Best Trick' class in the companion dog show. This is not such a big thing as 'My Dogs Got Talent'. We only had 2 minutes and again, Millie was fantastic and rode the scooter etc. However, 1st place deserved it but the others weren't so good and I think the results were unfair. We got 5th though which was better than nothing! I think sonetimes the judges think that Millie is too good and that she must always win but we hardly ever come 1st in Best Trick because they all seem to think that!

Either way, the 5th was good and the 1st was fantastic! Millie enjoyed herself and is now completely tired out!

Monday, 15 September 2014

Nice Bucket Challenge - Two New Tricks!

Today Millie and I filmed our Nice Bucket Challenge! It could be any trick with a bucket so as Millie can already stand on a bucket, I decided to get her to spin on it! She picked this up quickly! She also learnt to fetch a toy and put it in the bucket! 

This is our challenge:

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Skateboarding and Scootering!

It was a while ago we last took the scooter to the doctors car park, so today we decided we would before it gets too hot! I also have a trolley now so was able to put the scooter and the skateboard in there and take both!

Millie was fantastic and went really fast on both the scooter and skateboard. She even managed to steer the skateboard a bit! As far as she's concerned, the faster the better! She nearly ran me over at one point!

I managed to get a video of each!



Also, we were having bread rolls and one of the bits of dough dropped on the floor! Millie took the opportunity to grab it and is really enjoying playing with it!

Friday, 12 September 2014

Some Fun Tricks and a New Toy!

Millie and I haven't done anything the last few days as we've been too busy!

We did some tricks outside today! Millie went skateboarding and we also did some other tricks! Millie had a great time and loved showing off! She was really eager to do things as we haven't done any training for a few days. 

I managed to get a couple of photos of Millie on her skateboard!

Also, I got Millie a new toy, Hoggy! She hasn't left him alone and is loving playing with him!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Good Citizen Gold Test!

We passed the Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold award! 

We've been practising all day and Millie was amazing! We had to do the road walk first with the Silver people and Millie was very good, despite the dog in front of her messing around! She did a very good A-Recall and then had to walk past another dog and go outside. The next was the hardest, stop the dog! Millie did stop but the examiner was holding her collar so she came to me quicker and couldn't stop in time! We had one more try and the examiner didn't hold Millie so she did it! She did the rest brilliantly, although the examination wasn't perfect it was still acceptable!

I didn't think she would pass but she was amazing and everyone at the club was really pleased the did it too!

Before she was a Gold good citizen, she found another flower pot with a plant in and ran off with it! Somehow I don't think the Gold certificate will make her stop that...!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Tricks and Practising for the Test!

Yesterday I started to teach Millie how to play the piano! She really enjoyed it and did well!

This morning, we went in the garden. Millie found a tomato in the pot with the tomato plant. She picked it up and started playing with it! She then barked at it and ate it! Once she ate it, she had nothing to run off with, so went for one of her favourites, a flower pot! This flower pot had soil in it and a dried up flower. It didn't bother Millie because she tipped it upside down and tipped the soil out! The flower pot then got the normal Millie treatment!

We also did some more tricks for the next Geek award. Millie also did these very well!

We've also been doing some practise for out Gold test tomorrow. Millie did it perfectly but whether the examiner will say that or not, who knows! 

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

More training and new tricks!

Today Millie and I did some more training. The first lot we did was by the garages. This was to practise the 'stop' exercise for the Gold award. Millie did this very well. We couldn't go out there to do recalls and not take the skateboard do we did that and a few other things too!

After this, I filmed the last two tricks - fetch your lead and crawl - for the trick dog award we are applying for. Millie did these well and the video is now sent off, so hopefully we will hear back soon! 

I then taught Millie to open and close the door and to pull my socks off! She grasped all this very quickly and they too are now ready to film for the next Dog Trick Geek award!

Millie's had quite a busy day really and is now asleep on the sofa! 

Monday, 1 September 2014

Dog Training Started Again!

Millie didn't do much in the day today as she was having a rest from the weekend! She did learn to fetch her lead though, which was good!
She also nearly made me drop a box of eggs everywhere! We were coming back from Joe's house and I was holding lots of things, including the eggs. I had Millie with me who decided to pull! Something Millie has always done, is recognise the sound a Corsa engine makes. As I struggled around the corner, a man got in a Corsa and turned the engine on! This made Millie pull backwards! We got home in the end, with all the eggs in one piece!
It was also the first dog training after the Summer. Because of this, Millie was a bit more hyper than usual! She barked a bit and didn't want to wait in the recalls! She did do everything ok. We will have to do lots of practising at home as it's the Good Citizen Dog Scheme Gold award next week! I'm not expecting to pass because the examiner's quite strict! We will have a go and see what happens!