Thursday, 31 December 2015

Disc Dog by Day, Artist by Night...

Yesterday morning Millie and I did a lot more disc work. Millie was fantastic and caught the disc nearly every time, despite my awful throwing and the wind!

We also worked on a few tricks involving the disc. Millie's got a lot better at them too!


Here's a video I put together of our training session yesterday:

In the evening, Millie did two more drawings. She's getting much better!

Posing with her beautiful artwork!!!

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Our New Hyperflite Disc

For Christmas, Millie and I got a Hyperflite disc, for disc dogging! We had a go with it today, it's amazing!

We started off with normal throws, it went a long way and Millie managed to catch it nearly every time! Once I threw it so hard it nearly went over the neighbours fence! Fortunately it hit the house and bounced off it, Millie still caught it!

After that we did some tricks with it. Millie managed to jump over my leg and catch the disc whilst she and the disc with both in the air! Her flippy thing is also getting better! I got a jump out and she was going over the jump and then catching the disc.

Here is a little video. She was much better the times I didn't film it because I couldn't really film ad through the disc at the same time!

Then I put the disc away and got some more jumps out. Millie loved that as much as ever!

Monday, 28 December 2015

A Millie Update!

Sorry for lack of posts recently - just I've been very busy and haven't had time to post!

Earlier in the month Millie came on her first car ride with me! She loved sticking her head out the window barking! When we got there she came in the front and then pushed me out of my seat!

Millie had a good Christmas! She had lots of presents which she loved unwrapping!

I got some dog DVDs for Christmas and last night we watched one! It had Jumpy as the main character and Millie loved it!

After that Millie did some more drawing! She hasn't done any for a while but this is what she produced yesterday. 

This morning she enjoyed another of her Christmas presents - a buffalo ear!

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Millie the Reindog!

Millie's been getting ready for Christmas! Rudolf had better watch out...

Monday, 7 December 2015

On the barrel for the cameras!!

Yesterday I did some training with Millie on the barrel, she hasn't done it for a long time, but was as good as ever!

Today we had some people from ITV come to film Millie for a TV programme! Millie was amazing! She was filmed doing all sorts of tricks, including her skateboard, scooter, Frisbee and handstand up the wall. She was also filmed doing other tings such as pulling on a rope toy and running up the steps. She also had to do a bit on the barrel where she had to knock down life-sized cardboard cut outs!
She was my little star as always!