Sunday, 20 November 2016

A Much Needed Update!

Blogger app still not working so haven't posted in ages! Millie has still been busy though!

She's doing quite well in her obedience classes. They're all impressed with her progress!

A couple of weeks ago she came 4th in a Best Trick competition online and got a nice rosette!

Millie's also become an ambassador for Beco Dog Food. That means she's got a months worth of free food!

I had an email from an American film company asking for Millie to be in their film! It would have been good but it was short notice and I was not able to make the shoot. Was a nice offer though!

Finally, Millie has got a part as 'Sandy' in an 'Annie' show! It's the first time she's been a named character and worked on stage without me so I'm very happy with her!

Monday, 17 October 2016

Obedience and a few more Competitions!

The blogger app has stopped working so it's not so easy to update now - hence it has been a while since the last post!

Millie and I went to obedience last week. We had to do an exercise where we did heelwork through cones that got narrower and the dogs weren't allowed to touch them. They were quite tight by the time we were out and we weren't first out! We did lots of other things too, and came home with a lot to practise!

I entered Millie in a few more online competitions. Last Sunday she came 3rd in Fancy Dress and 5th in Active Pet! We also came 2nd yesterday in a competition for the Best Bond!

We went to obedience again tonight. It was the first night with the other trainer. We did retrieves and she said to work on the present. She said the same in the recalls. We did some heelwork and at the moment I need to work on getting Millie to follow me. She actually wasn't too bad at that! Again, a lot to practise! It's a good challenge and Millie enjoys trying something new. It's even better when they have a tin of cake there that was left over from their show at the weekend!

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Our First Obedience Lesson!

Last night Millie and I had our first proper competition obedience lesson! It's really different to what we're used to and we've got lots to practise!

First we had to do an ordinary recall. Millie did this well though needs to come in closer and straighter in the present. She also needs to get her finishes a lot straighter - she's at an angle at the moment.

We did retrieves, which we've been practising. Millie wasn't as good as she has been at home as it was a different, more exciting environment but she wasn't too bad. I need to make sure she waits every time and comes closer in present again.

Millie's heelwork wasn't too bad, though I needed lessons on how to do the turns properly! In the end Millie was doing whatever she wanted and I was walking around myself trying to get it right! We got there in the end, though Millie's left turns need a bit of practise.

We also did A-Recalls. Millie was quite good at this, and even did the most difficult one fairly well for the first time.

We're allowed back next week so we can't have been too bad! It's completely new to both of us and has given us lots to work on!

Friday, 30 September 2016

Retrieves and Ardingly

Today Millie and I have been practising our retrieves - she's doing really well!

This evening we went for a walk around Ardingly. Millie and Joe both had an excellent time!

Monday, 26 September 2016

Dog Training - An Upgrade Next Week!

We went dog training again tonight. Millie was really good. We did send aways,
A recalls and stops. She did all of them really well. 

At the end of the class we we're told we can go to the competition class next week if we want! It's only a small thing but I'm pleased Millie's got there as 7 years ago I'd never had dreamed she's be in that class! We'd better start practising!

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Paws in the Park!

Today we went to Paws in the Park - we had a good and successful day! 

First we had a go at the search and rescue. Millie found me in 23 seconds but was more interested in running everywhere else! We had a look around all the stores and got some nice treats and goody bags!

I decided to enter Millie in the obedience competition to see how she got on. Because we've never done it before we were in the 'Newbie' class. We had to do a circle of heelwork on lead, sit, down, a recall and a 30 second down stay. It was really easy for Millie but a completely different environment as it was a competiton and she was excellent. We were told to come back for results at 4pm. 

After that watched Dima's display with his incredible dogs which was really good. 

It was then time for our 'Best Trick' class. Millie rode her scooter and did a few other tricks. She was a star as always and came 1st!

We had to go for the results of the obedience competition then and Millie got an amazing 3rd! So proud of my incredible girl!

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Horley Lions Dog Show

Millie and I went to a dog show in Horley today. Millie was really good. We got shortlisted in Best Veteran but unfortunately didn't get placed. We did however come 1st in Best Trick! It was difficult for Millie to push her mountain board on the grass and it was really hot but she was still a star!

Monday, 5 September 2016

Dog training has started again

Today was the first night back dog training after the summer break. Our normal trainer is on holiday so we had someone else. He does competitive obedience so our session was based mainly on that. It was really interesting. We focused a lot on retrieves. Millie was good and I'm going to get her a dumbbell so we can practise properly. He also told me about getter her to sit close to me in the present and how to get the dogs to look up when doing heelwork. Millie was a good girl and it's given us something else to work on!

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Rosettes and Certificate!

Today Millie got her rosettes for 3rd in Active Pets and 6th in Pet the Judge Would Most Like to Take Home. They're beautiful and a good addition to her collection!

We also got sent our certificate from the Best Trick competition we won last night!

Friday, 2 September 2016

She's done it again!

My amazing girl has won another competition! 1st in Best Trick! We'll get a certificate so will post pictures when we have it! Congratulations my talented girl!

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Ardingly and Another Competition Win

This evening we went for another lovely walk around Ardingly. Millie had a great time running around! At one point she saw another two dogs (including a Collie) before I did and went running over there. She ran straight past them and then came back again no problem! She's such a good girl!

I also entered her in another online competition for the Best All Round Pet. I entered a picture of her doing lots of her different tricks. When we came back I had a look and saw that she's come 2nd! That's another rosette in the post!

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Disc Dog and Ardingly

This morning Millie and I did some disc dog! She's getting really good!

Here is a video I put together from our training.

This evening we also went for a lovely walk in Ardingly. I was very proud of Millie because at one point there was a Collie on the other side of the hedge and Millie saw it before me. She didn't run up to it and I told her to stay and she did! I went over to her and she followed me away. She had a fantastic run about!

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Walkies in Lingfield

This evening we went for a walk in the park in Lingfield so that Millie could have a good run around. She had a lovely time again and Joe also enjoyed himself. 

We also saw Hal, one of Millie's friends from dog training while we were there. 

This is the route we went on. 

Monday, 29 August 2016

9 Cupcakes!

Today, my sister decided to bake some cakes. Once they were out the oven, she put them on the table for them to cool down before she iced them. I came down the stairs to find Millie standing by the table licking her lips. There were 2 rows of cakes, and one row was a cake shorter than the other. I guessed Millie must have eaten the cake, but k wasn't going to accuse her of it because I didn't know for sure. A few minutes later my sister came in and started asking who had eaten the cakes! It turns out that there were actually 3 rows of cakes, each row the same length! Millie had only gone and eaten 9 cakes - and the wrappers!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Best Trick Prize

Yesterday I took Millie for a walk in the woods. I could hear there were no other dogs so I let her off the lead. However, as I walked around the corner there were two deer standing there! I didn't have chance to grab Millie before she bolted. The deer ran, and Millie ran. I was very impressed though, because when I shouted at her to wait she did! And she turned around and came back to me while the deer ran off! I put her back in the lead then as she was in high alert but I was very proud of her for coming back like that in full chase. 

We went on another wall through the woods today that was fairly uneventful. A man sneezing did make Millie jump and run but fortunately she didn't go too far!! 

When we got back from our walk we found that we had a parcel. It was Millie's prize from the Best Trick competition. 

It's a lovely prize with a nice red rosette! My little superstar.

This evening we went for a walk in Ardingly. Millie had a fantastic time running around and sniffing and was so well behaved again. I think she's finally getting more obedient!

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Online Competition Wins!

On the 19th - Millie came 1st in a Best Trick competition online! This is a good achievement as lots of the other top trick dogs in the country also entered!

Today Millie came 3rd in Best Action Pet and 6th in Pet the Judge would Most Like to Take Home in another online competition! Joe also came 4th in Beat Rescue!

Will post pictures of the rosettes when they come - clever hounds!!

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

More Lovely Walks with Millie

Millie's bald patches are still the same and she is still scratching at them without the cone when she isn't walking al unfortunately it has to stay on. 

After her bath this afternoon we went on another nice walk though the woods. Millie was in a rush to get back though because she brought her chew with her and it was giving her jaw ache!

This evening we decided to go for a walk around Ardingly for a change. We haven't been for a walk around the showground before. It was really nice and Millie really enjoyed herself. I took the cone off so she was free from that for a bit too!