Thursday, 31 July 2014

Millie's Summer Holiday - Day 5

Today Millie and I entered the holiday park talent show! Millie did well in the audition bit but was distracted and kept looking for people. We had to go back and do it again tonight. She was much better and although she was distracted a few times, she did very well. So well, we won the category and she's won us a two night stay back here! During the stay, she will perform again for the park finals. We will bring the scooter and skateboard next time too! She got lots of well dones and awws through and after her performance! She's on a roll at the moment!

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Millie's Summer Holiday - Day 4

Millie had a very busy day today! First we had a walk along the sea front and then we went to the beach again! It was quite quiet despite the sun and Millie had a fantastic run!

We then went to the arcade and Millie was well behaved. She then had a nice lolly at the sea front. 

She then had a walk through the town, along the sea front again and then through the nature reserve! Phew! Millie's really tired now!

Monday, 28 July 2014

Millie's Summer Holiday - Day 3

Last night Millie had her first cinema experience! It was outside and she sat down nicely and watched 'Frozen'! Before the film she did a few tricks while a couple of boys watched in awe! Their mouths got wider and wider!

Today Millie has had a couple of walks along the sea front. 

She also got to have a run on the beach! It is not so hot and sunny today so there was nobody else there. Millie got the beach to herself and she made the most of it! She had a lovely time running up and down and chasing pebbles! She didn't go in the sea today because of my worrying it would be too rough! She didn't care about that and really enjoyed herself running about! 

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Millie's Summer Holiday - Day 2

Today we went to Suffolk Dog Day. Millie and I entered the Doglympics Showjumping and to start with I kept Millie on the lead so she didn't run off to everyone else. However, he lead kept knocking the jump wings so I took her off and she was brilliant! We also entered the Doglympics High Jump. Millie went first and although she could have jumped higher, she managed to do 95cm, winning herself the Gold medal!
We entered the Coolest Dog class and due to Millie's World Record, walking on her back legs and constant barking (they were looking for dogs with attitude!) she came 9th!
She is now very tired but she had a very good day!

On the podium with her Gold medal!

With all her prizes!

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Millie's Summer Holiday - Day 1

Today is the first day of our holiday in Suffolk. Last night Millie slept on the same bed as me. We pushed the two together so it was bigger. 
It has been very hot today so during the day we didn't do too much. 

Joe got a little holiday present, he looks adorable!

Millie did run off with a pair of my sisters socks which she wasn't too happy about!

However, Millie and Joe did get some monkey nuts! Millie wasn't happy with just the nuts so has the shells too!

We went to the beach this afternoon but Millie wasnt allowed off her lead much as there were lots of other dogs. She still ran around chasing pebbles in the sea and got wet! She also managed to break her retractable lead, now we're got to try and but another one!

We went on a walk through the nature reserve which both doggies enjoyed. They got to sniff lots of new things!

After this, we had a walk along the seafront. There was a carnival on so lots of people for Millie to bark at! 

Millie has now gone to bed, ready for another busy day tomorrow!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Dog Trick Geeks - Geek Award

The last couple of days Millie and I have been filming a few tricks for the Dog Trick Geeks Geek Award. We uploaded them to a video on YouTube and today we found out we passed! 

Here is the video we put together of her tricks

Thursday, 24 July 2014

A bit of training and a thank you!

Millie and I have done a bit of training in the evening the last couple of days. Millie's done well as she's had so much energy! 

Last night Millie went in the garden as it was so nice out there. 

After our walk this evening, she went and laid infront of a fan to try and cool herself down. 

Also, Millie and I would like to say thank you to all at Earls World blog. We were in their YOU! reports and they did a lovely job of it! Thank you!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Jumping in the Cool Evening

It has been really hot all day. At the moment, Millie and I are sitting in the garden. It is a nice temperature now and Millie has been letting off some energy! She did lots of jumping! She's been jumping over my arms, legs, through my arms, between my legs and over my head. I also taught her to jump over my back! It's so much nicer out here now, it's a shame it hasn't been like it all day! Millie's enjoyed, jumping, playing and lying in the garden in the cool evening!

Monday, 21 July 2014

Last Dog Training of the Season!

Today was our last evening dog training before the Summer. We went up to the field. Everyone was there and there were also four other dogs running around. Millie did the heelwork really nicely and she also did a 2 minute out of sight stay with all the other dogs running around. We did some recalls with waits and they were good. However, two if the dogs in the class ran off and Millie followed! She came straight back though! We then did a 2 minute in sight stay. I thought it would be really easy as she did the out if sight and two of the dogs running around had gone. Millie managed about 30 seconds before she was up the other end of the field to the two other dogs! I had to go part of the way to call her but she did come and then walked nicely off the lead back to the rest of the group! 
Other than that, she did well and she's done so many other things recently that it's understandable she just wanted a play!

Millie's 1st Demonstration!

Today Millie and I did our first demonstration! It was at the Monday Club (for over 60's!) infront of about 50 people! Millie did her tricks very well although the floor was highly polished and extremely slippery and it was sooo hot! We didn't do too much jumping because of the floor or any other tricks that she could have hurt herself doing. However, she did very well and was happy to walk around and let everyone say hello to her too. They loved the scooter, skateboard and hugging my leg in particular! Millie's human friend who organised it got her a packet of treats and they gave us £20! I wouldn't have taken it but she said it was just a thank you card for us to open at home!
Well done again my wonderful Millie!

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Turners Hill Dog Show

Today we went to Turners Hill dog show. Millie and I only entered 3 classes. We came 1st in Best Trick and 2nd in the Egg and Spoon Race! Mille did very well in Best Trick despite the heat and she had a big audience and people coming up to say how impressed they were afterwards!

My sister also took Joe and they also did well. They got a Well Done in Handsomest Dog, a Well Done in Best Trick, a Well Done in Best Child Handler and a Well Done in the Dog that Hasn't come 1st Class! They entered more than us!

 couldn't be bothered to enter the other classes because they are only the opinion of one person and I knew we didn't really stand a chance! Millie was very good in Best Trick and the Egg and Spoon race was also fun - even if the potato (egg) did end up in Millie's mouth!

Friday, 18 July 2014

Too Hot Again!

It has been too hot to do anything recently! Millie has spent most of the time stretched out on the sofa trying to keep cool!

Hopefully it will cool down soon so we can get back to our normal walks and do some training!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

More Success with Other Dogs

On our walk this morning, we saw a dog. He was still young and a bit bigger than Millie. Millie went straight up to him and sniffed him and was really friendly! What good progress she's making!

She also had a sniff around with Joe on our walk!

She ran around in the garden with a boot she wasn't meant to have!

And then she had a sit down with Joe!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Dog Training - Success with Other Dogs!

Tonight at dog training we went over to the field. We had to do recalls between the other dogs, heelwork, recalls with stops and a two minute down stay. Millie did all the exercises really well, despite all the distractions. However, as much as I'm pleased about how she did the exercises, what I'm really pleased with is that she managed to walk all the way to the field a few inches away from a Collie. This is fantastic as before she wouldn't have gone near him with our growling! I think they are becoming friends! She was also very good with the Setter and a Beagle. It's so good to see her making progress towards other dogs and hopefully she will be happy around them like she was before she was attacked. 

Sunday, 13 July 2014

RSPCA Fun Dog Show

Today we went to the RSPCA fun dog show. Millie did really well! We came 1st in Best Adult Handler and 1st again in Most Talented Dog! In the handling class we had to walk around the ring, Millie had to sit in the corner and walk back again. In the trick class, she couldn't do the scooter or skateboard because of the grass. However, she did lots Of other tricks such as back through, spin, twist, hugging my leg, jumping through me arms, high 5 and bow. She was really good and won lots of food and treats!

Joe went with my sister and they also did well, coming 4th in Best Junioir Handler and 4th in Most Talented Dog!

Both doggies did very well and had lots if fun!