Monday, 1 December 2014

Dog Training and some Christmas Tricks!

Today Millie and I have been doing some Christmas tricks! It's for a challenge, we will get a certificate afterwards. Today we filmed Millie jumping over tinsel, putting a snowman in a bucket, walking around a snowman and giving me a stocking! We're still trying to think of some more!

This evening we went dog training. Millie was very good. We had to do heelwork weaving through some cones and then Millie had to sit at one end while I walked to the other end and then back to her. We did the mats. I forgot Millie's mat so she went to one of the other dogs' which she did very well considering it wasn't hers! She did a recall with Ruby, A Recalls and out of sight stays all really well! 

She's tired out now and is asleep on the sofa!

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