Sunday, 2 November 2014

East Grinstead's Got Talent Finals!

This evening was the finals of the talent show. 

When we got there we were shown where we needed to go and we had a little rehearsal. It went well and we found out we had to perform twice. I decided to add the scooter and taking off my coat the second time and use different music to make it a bit different. 

Millie was fantastic both times! In the interval after the first performance, lots of people in the audience, and other contestants said how amazing she is and that she was there favourite act! 

The second time Millie was also amazing! Unfortunately, we didn't get anywhere. Millie made it clear she wasn't happy about this by barking when the last name of the people in the top 4 were called! 

After the results, lots more people came and said that she should have won and how much they liked her! 

She coped so well with all the people and the new places/smells. She didn't mind at all going backstage and she loved the audience!

Although we didn't get anywhere, it was still a good experience and Millie was brilliant! I couldn't have asked for more from her!

Waiting patiently for the first performance!

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