Saturday, 20 September 2014

Paws in the Park

Today was Paws in the Park! We had a good day! We auditioned for 'My Dogs Got Talent', which Millie did very well in and rode both the scooter and the skateboard and did some other tricks too! 

We then did the Heelwork to Music with Richard Curtis, which again, Millie was very good at! She did all the moves easily and wasn't distracted by the other dogs all around her. 

After this we had a walk around the stalls and while we were walking we had a look at the 'My Dogs Got Talent' Finals list and we were in it! We walked around a bit more and then it was time for the finals. All the dogs were very clever and Millie and I were second to go. We started by doing the skateboard and the scooter, which got a huge applause from the audience! We then carried on to do other things such as taking off my coat, all sorts of jumping etc! Once we were done, I couldn't carry the scooter, skateboard and the stick so Millie rode the skateboard out if the ring for me! She was fantastic and loved doing it, the more people watching and applauding her, the more she likes it! The other competitions went and the results were announced. My amazing Millie managed to get 1st place! Everyone said how much we deserved it and how clever she is! We won a 15kg bag of dog food, a dog encyclopaedia, a rosette and a certificate! She was absolutely brilliant!

After this, we entered the 'Best Trick' class in the companion dog show. This is not such a big thing as 'My Dogs Got Talent'. We only had 2 minutes and again, Millie was fantastic and rode the scooter etc. However, 1st place deserved it but the others weren't so good and I think the results were unfair. We got 5th though which was better than nothing! I think sonetimes the judges think that Millie is too good and that she must always win but we hardly ever come 1st in Best Trick because they all seem to think that!

Either way, the 5th was good and the 1st was fantastic! Millie enjoyed herself and is now completely tired out!

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