Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas Day!

Millie's had a fantastic Christmas! 

Before our walk, I let Millie open one of the presents from me. It was a toy, she loved unwrapping all her presets!

She took it on our walk with her!

She got lots more presents too!

I got a mountain board for Millie so she can skateboard on rougher terrain. We took it out for a go and it was perfect! Despite its weight, Millie had no problem zooming away on it! 

While we were out mountain boarding, Millie saw next doors back gate undone and ran down their garden! Fortunately, after I chased her, she came back!

I also got a friendship collar, so now Millie and I match! Millie looks very smart! 

She enjoyed a Christmas dinner and had fun shredding more wrapping paper! Millie's exhausted and can't wait for tomorrow so she can play with her new things some more!

It's also a special anniversary today, a year ago today Millie learnt to ride her scooter!

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