Sunday, 20 July 2014

Turners Hill Dog Show

Today we went to Turners Hill dog show. Millie and I only entered 3 classes. We came 1st in Best Trick and 2nd in the Egg and Spoon Race! Mille did very well in Best Trick despite the heat and she had a big audience and people coming up to say how impressed they were afterwards!

My sister also took Joe and they also did well. They got a Well Done in Handsomest Dog, a Well Done in Best Trick, a Well Done in Best Child Handler and a Well Done in the Dog that Hasn't come 1st Class! They entered more than us!

 couldn't be bothered to enter the other classes because they are only the opinion of one person and I knew we didn't really stand a chance! Millie was very good in Best Trick and the Egg and Spoon race was also fun - even if the potato (egg) did end up in Millie's mouth!

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