Saturday, 26 July 2014

Millie's Summer Holiday - Day 1

Today is the first day of our holiday in Suffolk. Last night Millie slept on the same bed as me. We pushed the two together so it was bigger. 
It has been very hot today so during the day we didn't do too much. 

Joe got a little holiday present, he looks adorable!

Millie did run off with a pair of my sisters socks which she wasn't too happy about!

However, Millie and Joe did get some monkey nuts! Millie wasn't happy with just the nuts so has the shells too!

We went to the beach this afternoon but Millie wasnt allowed off her lead much as there were lots of other dogs. She still ran around chasing pebbles in the sea and got wet! She also managed to break her retractable lead, now we're got to try and but another one!

We went on a walk through the nature reserve which both doggies enjoyed. They got to sniff lots of new things!

After this, we had a walk along the seafront. There was a carnival on so lots of people for Millie to bark at! 

Millie has now gone to bed, ready for another busy day tomorrow!

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