Thursday, 10 July 2014

Millie's got a good sense of humour...

Today, Millie wanted to run off with a shoe. The shoe was stuck under the washing rack but Millie got it! Whilst she was getting it, she knocked a pair of knickers on the floor! As soon as she realised, she turned around picked them up and ran off with them! This wasn't enough for Millie so the went back to the rack and pulled off a sock too! It was comical to watch her run around and have such fun with knickers and a sock! Then, mum took her slipper off, another one of Millie's favourite things to run off with. Millie out the knickers and sock where the slipper had been and ran off with the slipper! A few minutes later mum wanted to put the slipper back on. Millie and I watched in amusement as she felt around for it under the table! She felt what she though was the slipper and tried to put it on! It was actually the knickers and sock!

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