Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Not the most helpful thing to do Millie...

This morning, Millie decided it would be fun to try and scare the guinea pigs. She kept pestering them and barking at them. I was trying to hang the washing out! In the end, she finally left them alone and tried to catch butterflies whilst in the trampoline. 

After this, we went to Joe's house. Here, she ran off with Joe's mums shoe. Once this shoe was put our of her reach, she ran off with Joe's dad's shoe!

Home again this afternoon, I was taking the washing off the line. Millie was standing next to me. I thought I'd experiment and gave Millie at t shirt and told her to hold it. The did for about a second and then dropped it on the floor! I gave up on that idea!

To top it off, I was folding up the washing and Millie came and sat right where I was doing it. Joe was also there and I fed the dogs (so Millie got up!) but before I could continue, Joe was where I needed to go! 

What little monkeys!

Millie was good on our walk this morning though. She took Iggy with her and I let her off the lead along a couple of the roads. She was right next to me the whole time!

Before our walk, Iggy is looking down the stairs, eagerly anticipating his walk!

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