Sunday, 13 July 2014

RSPCA Fun Dog Show

Today we went to the RSPCA fun dog show. Millie did really well! We came 1st in Best Adult Handler and 1st again in Most Talented Dog! In the handling class we had to walk around the ring, Millie had to sit in the corner and walk back again. In the trick class, she couldn't do the scooter or skateboard because of the grass. However, she did lots Of other tricks such as back through, spin, twist, hugging my leg, jumping through me arms, high 5 and bow. She was really good and won lots of food and treats!

Joe went with my sister and they also did well, coming 4th in Best Junioir Handler and 4th in Most Talented Dog!

Both doggies did very well and had lots if fun!

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