Sunday, 27 July 2014

Millie's Summer Holiday - Day 2

Today we went to Suffolk Dog Day. Millie and I entered the Doglympics Showjumping and to start with I kept Millie on the lead so she didn't run off to everyone else. However, he lead kept knocking the jump wings so I took her off and she was brilliant! We also entered the Doglympics High Jump. Millie went first and although she could have jumped higher, she managed to do 95cm, winning herself the Gold medal!
We entered the Coolest Dog class and due to Millie's World Record, walking on her back legs and constant barking (they were looking for dogs with attitude!) she came 9th!
She is now very tired but she had a very good day!

On the podium with her Gold medal!

With all her prizes!

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