Monday, 7 July 2014

And the itch came back!

Poor Millie has been scratching lots again today. I have been wiping her when we come in from walks to try and get the pollen off of her. 

Also, this morning, I noticed Millie's tail was hanging down, it's normally always up. She seemed alright in herself but her tail was only up for a few seconds before it went down again. 

We went and did some skateboarding and went on the ramp and Millie was very good, she's really getting the hang of it! She thinks it's great fun!

On our walk, we noticed Millie limping a bit, but only when she walked slowly. It seemed to go but then we noticed it again in the garden. Again, it stopped. 

We went dog training this evening and as soon as we did the first exercise, going over a jump, I knew Millie wasn't right. She didn't want to sit and just trotted up to the jump, she normally runs up to it! She was ok sitting the next time. She was good on the A recalls. We had to demonstrate and apart from anticipating and coming to me early, she was very good. She also did the send always perfectly despite a cone being pig there as a distraction. We then had to do distance control. Millie wasn't very happy doing this as it was lots of getting up and going down. She's normally ok with it but she seemed uncomfortable today so we stopped. She was happy to walk backwards and spin and twist though! She did the stays well and didn't seem to mind doing them. Another sign she was in discomfort was that she was more snappy with the other dogs. She did the exercises will really though. 

I think as well as her hay fever, she must have pulled a muscle of something that is effecting her back to make her limp, not want to sit down and her tail not going up. Hopefully she will be feeling a lot better soon and this other problem and the hay fever will be better!

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