Sunday, 6 July 2014

Bath Time!

Millie has been scratching a lot recently so to try and help get rid of the itching, today, she had an oatmeal bath. 

Poor Millie didn't like it and tried to wriggle away! She kept shaking and getting it all over me too , this was bad enough with the water but she also did it when she had the oatmeal on her, causing oats to go all over me too! She had to stand with the oatmeal on her for 10 minutes, and I had to hold her there like that for 10 minutes! Throughout the time, she kept shaking and by the end of it, I had as many oats on me as Millie had on her!
The mixture also had bicarbonate of soda in it and this made her go grey! Poor Millie!

She was also a fidget when it came to washing it off! Fortunately, because of her retriever half, the has a waterproof coat and once all the oatmeal was gone she dried quickly. 

She may not have liked her bath but it seemed to do the trick! She hasn't been scratching anywhere near as much as she was and she must feel a lot more comfortable. She didn't go through that trauma for nothing!

However, it's made her fur go all fluffy and she's worried about going out for a walk incase any of the other dogs see her and it ruins her street cred...

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