Sunday, 7 September 2014

Tricks and Practising for the Test!

Yesterday I started to teach Millie how to play the piano! She really enjoyed it and did well!

This morning, we went in the garden. Millie found a tomato in the pot with the tomato plant. She picked it up and started playing with it! She then barked at it and ate it! Once she ate it, she had nothing to run off with, so went for one of her favourites, a flower pot! This flower pot had soil in it and a dried up flower. It didn't bother Millie because she tipped it upside down and tipped the soil out! The flower pot then got the normal Millie treatment!

We also did some more tricks for the next Geek award. Millie also did these very well!

We've also been doing some practise for out Gold test tomorrow. Millie did it perfectly but whether the examiner will say that or not, who knows! 

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