Monday, 8 September 2014

Good Citizen Gold Test!

We passed the Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold award! 

We've been practising all day and Millie was amazing! We had to do the road walk first with the Silver people and Millie was very good, despite the dog in front of her messing around! She did a very good A-Recall and then had to walk past another dog and go outside. The next was the hardest, stop the dog! Millie did stop but the examiner was holding her collar so she came to me quicker and couldn't stop in time! We had one more try and the examiner didn't hold Millie so she did it! She did the rest brilliantly, although the examination wasn't perfect it was still acceptable!

I didn't think she would pass but she was amazing and everyone at the club was really pleased the did it too!

Before she was a Gold good citizen, she found another flower pot with a plant in and ran off with it! Somehow I don't think the Gold certificate will make her stop that...!

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