Monday, 1 September 2014

Dog Training Started Again!

Millie didn't do much in the day today as she was having a rest from the weekend! She did learn to fetch her lead though, which was good!
She also nearly made me drop a box of eggs everywhere! We were coming back from Joe's house and I was holding lots of things, including the eggs. I had Millie with me who decided to pull! Something Millie has always done, is recognise the sound a Corsa engine makes. As I struggled around the corner, a man got in a Corsa and turned the engine on! This made Millie pull backwards! We got home in the end, with all the eggs in one piece!
It was also the first dog training after the Summer. Because of this, Millie was a bit more hyper than usual! She barked a bit and didn't want to wait in the recalls! She did do everything ok. We will have to do lots of practising at home as it's the Good Citizen Dog Scheme Gold award next week! I'm not expecting to pass because the examiner's quite strict! We will have a go and see what happens!

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