Tuesday, 2 September 2014

More training and new tricks!

Today Millie and I did some more training. The first lot we did was by the garages. This was to practise the 'stop' exercise for the Gold award. Millie did this very well. We couldn't go out there to do recalls and not take the skateboard do we did that and a few other things too!

After this, I filmed the last two tricks - fetch your lead and crawl - for the trick dog award we are applying for. Millie did these well and the video is now sent off, so hopefully we will hear back soon! 

I then taught Millie to open and close the door and to pull my socks off! She grasped all this very quickly and they too are now ready to film for the next Dog Trick Geek award!

Millie's had quite a busy day really and is now asleep on the sofa! 

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