Sunday, 20 November 2016

A Much Needed Update!

Blogger app still not working so haven't posted in ages! Millie has still been busy though!

She's doing quite well in her obedience classes. They're all impressed with her progress!

A couple of weeks ago she came 4th in a Best Trick competition online and got a nice rosette!

Millie's also become an ambassador for Beco Dog Food. That means she's got a months worth of free food!

I had an email from an American film company asking for Millie to be in their film! It would have been good but it was short notice and I was not able to make the shoot. Was a nice offer though!

Finally, Millie has got a part as 'Sandy' in an 'Annie' show! It's the first time she's been a named character and worked on stage without me so I'm very happy with her!

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