Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Our First Obedience Lesson!

Last night Millie and I had our first proper competition obedience lesson! It's really different to what we're used to and we've got lots to practise!

First we had to do an ordinary recall. Millie did this well though needs to come in closer and straighter in the present. She also needs to get her finishes a lot straighter - she's at an angle at the moment.

We did retrieves, which we've been practising. Millie wasn't as good as she has been at home as it was a different, more exciting environment but she wasn't too bad. I need to make sure she waits every time and comes closer in present again.

Millie's heelwork wasn't too bad, though I needed lessons on how to do the turns properly! In the end Millie was doing whatever she wanted and I was walking around myself trying to get it right! We got there in the end, though Millie's left turns need a bit of practise.

We also did A-Recalls. Millie was quite good at this, and even did the most difficult one fairly well for the first time.

We're allowed back next week so we can't have been too bad! It's completely new to both of us and has given us lots to work on!

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