Sunday, 18 September 2016

Paws in the Park!

Today we went to Paws in the Park - we had a good and successful day! 

First we had a go at the search and rescue. Millie found me in 23 seconds but was more interested in running everywhere else! We had a look around all the stores and got some nice treats and goody bags!

I decided to enter Millie in the obedience competition to see how she got on. Because we've never done it before we were in the 'Newbie' class. We had to do a circle of heelwork on lead, sit, down, a recall and a 30 second down stay. It was really easy for Millie but a completely different environment as it was a competiton and she was excellent. We were told to come back for results at 4pm. 

After that watched Dima's display with his incredible dogs which was really good. 

It was then time for our 'Best Trick' class. Millie rode her scooter and did a few other tricks. She was a star as always and came 1st!

We had to go for the results of the obedience competition then and Millie got an amazing 3rd! So proud of my incredible girl!

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