Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Best Trick Prize

Yesterday I took Millie for a walk in the woods. I could hear there were no other dogs so I let her off the lead. However, as I walked around the corner there were two deer standing there! I didn't have chance to grab Millie before she bolted. The deer ran, and Millie ran. I was very impressed though, because when I shouted at her to wait she did! And she turned around and came back to me while the deer ran off! I put her back in the lead then as she was in high alert but I was very proud of her for coming back like that in full chase. 

We went on another wall through the woods today that was fairly uneventful. A man sneezing did make Millie jump and run but fortunately she didn't go too far!! 

When we got back from our walk we found that we had a parcel. It was Millie's prize from the Best Trick competition. 

It's a lovely prize with a nice red rosette! My little superstar.

This evening we went for a walk in Ardingly. Millie had a fantastic time running around and sniffing and was so well behaved again. I think she's finally getting more obedient!

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