Wednesday, 20 August 2014


We got the board verticle! We didn't start our training session with the board like that, but increased its steepness as Millie got more confident! She absolutely loved doing it and once she started, she wouldn't stop! She got down and then went straight back up again! The only way to get her to stop was to throw a treat on the floor in the other direction and tell her to 'go get it!' 
Hopefully with some more practise we won't need the board there any more and she will he able to do a hand stand against any old wall! Maybe she'll even be able to walk on her front legs! Even if she doesn't, it's still a very good trick and she's done really well to learn it!

On our walk at lunchtime, we went across the green where I let Millie have a run. Millie was running and sniffing around quite happily and then she saw a pigeon. She loves to chase pigeons. She ran full speed over to the pigeon and it didn't move. Once there, she realised it was dead! She jumped away from it and stood looking at me in complete shock!
After the trauma of the pigeon, she carried on running around!

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