Saturday, 30 August 2014

Jumping Jacks Agility - Day 1

Today we went to Jumping Jacks Agility! Sadly, it's the only agility show we were able to enter this year because we were busy or I missed the closing date!

Our first class was Open Junior Jumping. Millie ran over to Joe to start with but then came back and did a beautiful round. The same happened in the Introductory Jumping around the same course. After this, Joe and his dad stayed in the car for our next round, Introductory Steeplechase. Millie didn't do so well in this one as she went over the first 5 jumps then ran out the ring! However, she did come back without me having to go and get her and then did well afterwards. Our last class was Open Junior Steeplechase. I purposely didn't go so fast as I was more bothered about getting a clear round than her getting over excited and running out the ring! She did a fantastic clear round and I was really pleased with it! 

We're going again tomorrow so hopefully she'll do well then too!

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