Sunday, 10 May 2015

The London Pet Show!

Today we went to the London Pet Show for Superdogs Live!

When we got there and had finally managed to get our parking pass, we found our sponsors. They were lovely and gave Millie a beautiful new collar! She proudly wore throughout the show!

We found the room next to the theatre and were told what would happen. After a little walk around, it was time for us to go back so we were ready to perform.

We went back stage and the Noel called us on. Millie did really well, though she was a bit distracted to start with and slipped off the scooter, she didn't let it put her off and she was brilliant! We had to sit next to the judges and we were given some lovely comments. Our scores were 7, 10, 9 and 10! This meant we were one of the highest and got though to the finals!

We got a nice rosette which Millie enjoyed posing with!


Here is our semi-final performance!

We had another walk around and found a nice area outside for Millie to have a little break.

We then had to go for the finals! Millie was brilliant, she was more focused this time and did really well!
This is our performance in the finals!
She was fantastic and we came 2nd overall in the Most Talented Dog category! She really is my little superdog!!




  1. Amazing!! This really is an outstanding achievement guys!!!! :-D

  2. Well done guys, knew you'd be great (as alwayts!) :D