Saturday, 23 May 2015

Millie's Lovely Walk!

Millie and I have just come back from a lovely walk!

This afternoon I had my dog training class. When the class was finished, I took a photo of one of the dogs. Lucky, the Border Collie. His owner is one of Millie's best human friends and it was such a lovely photo I printed a copy and walked back to her house with Millie to give it to her. 

She was just taking Lucky out for a walk down the railway line, and said Millie and I could go with her! Millie's much better with Lucky now, so I thought we might as well give it a try. 

It was a really lovely walk. Lucky goes down there every day so was off his lead. I wasn't sure about Millie so I attached Luckys lead to her lead and she was as good as free. She was quite happy to trot along next to me. She was fantastic with Lucky and even when he ran into her she didn't snap!

On the way back, I let Millie off of her lead too. She was still happy to walk along next to me and go ahead with Lucky a bit! At one point they were even sniffing the same patch of grass! 

She did so well, and really enjoyed herself! 


  1. Looks PAWSOME!! Good job Millie.

  2. Looking really good! Well done you two! Both Millie and Lucky look gorgeous!