Monday, 11 May 2015

A Nice Evening

Millie had a lovely run chasing sticks again this afternoon. 

We went dog training this evening. We did heelwork to start with. She was very good. We then had to practise the stops. I sat Millie down, without thinking, facing a dog that was running around and wasn't part of the class. I called her and she ran straight past me towards the dog! I called 'come' and got no response. I then remembered we were actually practising the emergence stop and this was the perfect time to put it into practise! I shouted 'wait' and nearly fainted when Millie stopped! She stood there for a minute and I called her and she came running back to me! I was so pleased!!

We had to do out of sight stays. Millie was also very good at this, especially since the dog she ran after earlier walked right past her, and there were other dogs running around! 

We had to do an A-recall and then some heelwork off the lead which was fortunately uneventful for Millie, though one of the other dogs did run off into the next field!

To finish Millie had a nice play run off her lead!

Since coming home we've gone in the garden and Millie's posed for some photos! 

We've now gone upstairs and shared a mousse and had lots of nice cuddles!

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  1. Beautiful photos, and glad you had a nice evening.