Monday, 15 August 2016

A Trip to the Vets

This morning I took Millie to the vets to have her checked because of the bald patches on her legs. She was very well behaved. The vet said it definitely isn't mites so has given us some shampoo and steroids to see if it helps. If not she'll have to go back. As a result, poor Millie has to have more baths! 

Today is Joe's Birthday and also 7 years ago that I got Millie. Both hounds enjoyed some cake for Joe's Birthday. 

To celebrate and help Millie get over her trauma, a took her for a run in the woods this afternoon. 

This evening we also went for a walk in Lingfield. Millie had a lovely time and we even bumped into Hal and one of his friends so Millie had a little play with them too!

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