Monday, 20 April 2015

Millie's Active Day!

Millie's had a really active day today! It started with going for our normal walk. 

We then came home and Millie had a lovely play in the garden with her toys and the stick she brought home yesterday. 

We then dos some training! Millie was on the barrel, scooter and skateboard, along with some other tricks! A friend came to take photos of her and as usual, she was more than willing to pose!

At midday we went to the tennis field. We went there the short way as it was quite warm. Millie really enjoyed running around there!

We came home and she had a little sleep. She was soon ready to go again and she did some jumping and agility weaves in the garden. We then went for our evening walk. 

Finally, we went dog training. Millie was clearly tired but she was still very good!